James Kitto and Alex Pomery (Free:Formers)

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Transcript of James Kitto and Alex Pomery (Free:Formers)

 FREE: FORMERS Fast-paced! Hands-on workshops! Relevant / tangible skills ! Focused on driving innovation! Helping you act faster, for less Train young people for free! Exactly the same content! Essential, employable, skills ! Relevant, useful! Ready for todays job market BUSINESS PEOPLE YOUNG PEOPLE BUSINESS PEOPLE YOUNG PEOPLE 16-25 year olds! Unemployed 1 5 0 0 1 DIGITAL SKILLS & OUR ONE:FOR1 MODEL MEET SOME OF OUR TRAINERS LEWIE KAI ED ALEX Our trainers all share the same digital DNA! ! Digital natives! Passionate about technology! Confident and outgoing! Committed to making an impact OUR WORKSHOPS SUPPORTING FOUNDERS FORUM FOR GOOD FRIDAY 23rd MAY SOMERSET HOUSE, THE STRAND 9:30am 5pm ONE DAY: DIGITAL ACCELERATOR WORKSHOP A 50% DISCOUNT FOR ALL TODAYS ATTENDEES FREE: FORMERS ! ! Background in digital advertising! ! Start-ups to corporates! ! Google and Facebook! ! Free:Formers trainer Alex Pomery social advertising native advertising best practises advanced techniques Native Advertising what the feed native advertising how How Platform centric Creative! Copy strategy How Platform centric! Creative Copy strategy Creative Creative Creative How Platform centric! Creative! Copy strategy Inuence 1. Authority 2. Commitment aka Continuity 3. Liking 4. Reciprocity 5. Scarcity / Urgency 6. Social Proof On average, ve times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy David Ogilvy It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90% of your money ! David Ogilvy Be like BuzzFeed Headlines Lists Curiosity Gap Double Benet why Social Advertising: Advanced Techniques I want to drive downloads of my mobile app Facebook Mobile App Install Twitter Mobile App Card I want to re-engage old customers Facebook Custom Audience I want to nd more customers, similar to my existing customers Facebook Look-a-like Audience I want to get more leads for my fundraising team Twitter Lead Cards I want to test different creative options before launching a big campaign Creative Testing Creative Testing Creative Testing 25% 60% 15% platform centric content! native creative! copy writing strategy! advanced ad types FREE: FORMERS