Closing the Loop on Customer Feedback

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1. HOUSEKEEPING - The recording and slides for todays presenta?on will be made available on along with other content and webinars from throughout the week - Please use the chat window to submit ques?ons throughout the webinar, we will have ?me designated at the end for Q & A - Join the conversa?on on TwiOer by twee?ng @Qualtrics using #cxweek 2. SM Closing the Loop on Customer Feedback 3. 4. Why Close the Loop? 5. Expensive research projects that are slow to yield ndings Results that are imprecise Insights that are not actionable for front-line employees Typical challenges to a customer feedback program Its hard to get customer feedback right 6. Source: Bain & Co., Net Promoter System Closing the loop is the key to meaningful progress in any VoC Program, because it makes customer feedback actionable 7. The Service Recovery Paradox means you can go from Zero to Hero 8. Loyalty Time Source: McCollough, Michael A., and Sundar G. Bharadwaj. "The Recovery Paradox: An Examination of Customer Satisfaction in Relation to Disconrmation, Service Quality, and Attribution Based Theories." In Marketing Theory and Applications, edited by Chris T. Allen, 119. Chicago: American Marketing Association, 1992. After an eective service recovery, customers are often more loyal than if no error happened 9. Promoter Detractor Passive OR Sometimes, closing the loop is just about mitigating risk Detractor Promoter Passive 10. SM How? Best Practices 11. Closing the loop is more than just a phone call the strongest feedback loops drive change across the org The bad experience: Find out about a negative experience your customer has had 1 The ticket: Getting the feedback to the right employee or team 2 The Band-Aid: Taking additional action on the customers individual situation in order to save the relationship 4 The deep dive: Follow up or closing the loop with the customer in order to clearly understand the feedback 3 The change: Share customer feedback trends with the company to initiate real change and solve the problem long term 5 12. SM Inside Look: Qualtrics Close the Loop Process 13. Target Audience distribution and a/b testing to increase engagement Qualtrics Vocalize data visualization and close the loop ticketing Research Suite survey design the foundation 14. Needascreenshotofadashboard 15. Needascreenshotofadashboard 16. Q&A