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DLDA Closing Summary 30min: Key online hilights of the day and what educators can do to apply their learning in the workplace. mikeseyfang.com

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My closing summary from the #DLDA - Digital Learning in the Digital Age event held in Adelaide, October 2012. http://digitalcapability.com.au/view/view.php?id=188

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  • 1. DLDA Closing Summary30min: Key online hilights of the day and whateducators can do to apply their learning in theworkplace.mikeseyfang.com

2. Pinboard.inOnlineBookMarksHilights#DLDA hashtag flickr,twitter, 3. bit.ly/DLDAdemo Demo1: pinboard 4. bit.ly/DLDAdemo Demo2: flickr 5. Share: tweets, Applyphotos, links Learning join/form online networksTwitter#hashtag 6. bit.ly/DLDAdemo Demo3: storify 7. Share via online networks Thats what we have done with #dlda today Grow your Professional Learning Networks 8. bit.ly/dldalinks Will take you to: http://pinboard.in/u:fang/t:dlda 9. AttributionTanya Mv s ramachandranmdiocuh_galealsthe_albino (tony burnett)