Closing the Community Gap: CSForum13

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Closing the Community Gap: Leveraging Content Strategy and Community Management Content Strategy Forum 2013, Helsinki #csforum13

Transcript of Closing the Community Gap: CSForum13

  • 1. CLOSING THE COMMUNITY GAP Misty Weaver CS Forum Helsinki #cgap #csforum13 @meaningmeasure

2. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT IDENTIFY LEVERAGE EMPOWER 3. ONLINE Social Media Management Content Lifecycle Management 4. EVENTS Seattle IA Meetup Seattle Content Strategy Meetup InfoCamp 5. VALUE STATEMENT Community Management is a practice and tool that Bridges Internal and External Audiences Gathers Quantitative and Qualitative Data About Users and Audiences Supports Authority and Credibility of Content #cgap #csforum13 6. USE IT WHEN Grow a relationship-driven customer base, nurture brand loyalty Connect targeted audiences with your relevant content Change content from broadcasting to problem solving We/I to You Differentiate from competitors #cgap #csforum13 7. IDENTIFY 8. COMMUNITY 9. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT 10. CAPTIVE AUDIENCE pasukaru76 11. EXPERIENCE OPTIMIZER 12. COMMUNITY IS OPEN Credit: Dave Catchpole 13. MENTAL MODELS Big Boss Upper Management Middle Management Floor Staff Middle Management Floor Staff Middle Management Floor Staff Floor Staff 14. Credit: Andrew Lipson 15. COMMUNITY MODELS Public Audience Direct Contact Organization 16. COMMUNITY HAPPENS Public Audience Direct Contact Organization Community 17. A CONVERSATION 18. PASSION CURATION #passioncuration #cgap #csforum13 19. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT IS NOT Sales Marketing Customer Service Social Media Management SEO User Experience Events Content Strategy 20. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT CREATING TRIBES FROM CLIQUES 21. BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS 22. MAKES CONNECTIONS 23. CREATES OPPORTUNITIES 24. Sales Customer Service Marketing Social Media Management SEO User Experience Event Planning Content Strategy Product Development Service Design SUPPORTS AND PROMOTES Community Management 25. Organization Direct Contact Influencers Audiences Users Search Engines The Press Public SUPPORTS AND PROMOTES Community Management 26. Community Management 27. LISTENING 28. LETS LEVERAGE: content strategy 29. CONTENT STRATEGY Business Objectives Audience Research Content Awareness 30. WHERE THE VALUES ARE 31. YOUR AUDIENCE Who they are What they do Where they are When they are there What they talk about Passion/Pain 32. MINDSHARE 33. AVAILABLE WHEN? 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% January February March April May June July August September October November December Attention Available Available Sounders Football Sleep Work 34. TRENDS AND INFLUENCERS #dempseywatch 35. YOUR AUDIENCE Includes your competitors 36. CONTENT INVENTORY 37. EMPOWER 38. INTO THE SYSTEM Internal Resources Systems and Platforms Workflow Editorial Calendar Production Reaction #cgap #csforum13 39. INTERNAL 40. ONLY YOUR AUDIENCE MATTERS #cgap #csforum13 41. GET INTO THE WORKFLOW 42. Credit: meet content 43. Credit: libertyandvigilance [email protected]/ PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION 44. Credit: xlordashx 45. RRRR! KIITOS! THANKS! MERCI! 46. REACH ME @meaningmeasure @content_insight LinkedIn - Virtual Coffees arranged via Skype Google+