Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your IT Career

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Presented by Ms Heng Teng Teng, Career & Leadership Coach, GROW at NUS-ISS Open Day & Career Fair 2014 on 16 Aug 2014.

Transcript of Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your IT Career

  • 1.Career Talk Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid in your IT Career Ms Heng Teng Teng Career & Leadership Coach 0

2. Case Study 1 John started his IT career as a programmer at the age of 24. He did that for 3 years and was promoted to System Analyst. He worked well and was again promoted to a Senior Analyst at 30 years old. What will be his potential career path in the next 5 years? Regional Analyst Team Manager Project Manager Senior IT Manager 3. What skills do you need? DATA Ability to deal with data: recording, researching, analyzing PEOPLE Ability to deal with interpersonal processes: teaching, presentation, leading, motivating THINGS Ability to deal with non personal processes: operate, repair & assemble equipment IDEAS Ability to deal intrapersonal processes: creating, synthesizing, discovering 4. Pyramid of Skills DATA PEOPLE THINGS IDEAS Synthesizing Mentoring Setting Up Inventing Innovating Negotiating Precision Working Improvising Analyzing Influencing Controlling Diagnosing Researching Persuading Repairing Editing Consolidating Supervising Manipulating Organizing Comparing Taking instruction Handling Compare Etc Etc.. Etc.. Etc IncreasinglyPrescribed IncreasinglyDiscretionary 5. Mistake #1: Overused of Skills 6. Possible Strategies Build up your learning agility Have more than 1 mentor (besides your boss) in the company Think like a business partner 7. Case Study 2 Patrick has been working in the same bank as a Regional Analyst for the past 10 years. He lost his job as a result of restructuring. Prior to that, he was working as System Analyst in 2 different companies for 5 years. What will be the potential challenges you think he will face in his job search? 8. Mistake #2: Specialized in only one domain/industry 9. Possible Strategies Within the same industry, understand the upcoming trends & challenges in the industry Do not restrict yourself with only one domain/industry knowledge Be connected with other professionals in other industry 10. Mistake #3: Over emphasis on jobs and not career Career development is promotions driven 11. Are you timing your next move? Idiots Guide to Career Moves: 1) Have I enhanced the value of the role to the company? 2) Have I created greater currency for this kind of skill in the company? 3) Have I developed the overall capability of the team I lead? 4) Have I created a lasting contribution or legacy I can be proud of? 5) Have I put in place a competent successor? 6) Have I developed the experiences that I will need for my future needs? When to move on? 12. Planning for your descend But career satisfaction is values, interests and life stage driven 13. Career & Our Life Stage 14. Possible Strategies 15. Possible Strategies Have a plan; what is your landing job? Start giving back (more): e.g. Volunteer, Mentoring 16. Be a Bridge and build Bridges around you