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AS Christmas hw for G321 Film title sequence production Production roles for blog

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Whos got greater skills? The Queen Or Kate Middleton Production roles What would you rate yourself out of 10 for the following skills? Creativity Organization Technical Leadership Communication skills What role would suit you in your production group? Director Producer Camera Operator Editor Props and Costume Sound recordist Include a SHORT sentence explaining why you should fulfill this role. Xmas homework You must decide in your group, who is going to complete each piece of pre-production planning: The script (detailing dialogue, action, location, text, v/o) Storyboard (labeled and outlined in black pen/ coloured in if necessary) Recce Equipment list Props list Costume list You must also use the checklist to ensure that you are caught up on any missing blog posts. Key things to remember: If Mrs Jones has commented with an improvement MAKE THEM PLEASE! Then add a comment to say that it has been updated. ENSURE YOU UPDATE YOUR KEY TERM GLOSSARY AND USE IT TO REVISE KEY TERMINOLOGY Are you incorporating micro analysis and using this to explore an idea about Macro analysis? Key terms to use: Denote Connote Conventions (conform/challenge) Enigma codes Shot types (you know them) Editing transitions and effects (you know them) Sound techniques (you know them) Symbolic codes Verbal/Language codes Linear and non linear narrative Equilibrium theory Representation (stereotype/countertype/positive/negative) Target audience Conglomerate Independent Distribution Can you think of and incorporate any other key terms? Pre production templates can be found: Student common>media studies> Media AS> AS Practical Date Term ?, Lesson ? 5 What is a recce? Recces are usually carried out by a location manager before production. It is a chance to visit and assess the filming location prior to filming. The recce consists of a short report and photographs of the location (key details and filming angles, power points, source of lighting, potential issues). You are the EYES of the Director. What you are looking for: Power sources Lighting (is it suitable?) Health and safety concerns Access and availability (do you need to hire/book, do you need a key, is it restricted from the public, transport details) Key details (what makes this location special?! Is there an amazing backdrop/angle for a particular scene) Sound (Does it echo? Is their noise disruption traffic, music etc that might effect the recording?) Equipment List What equipment do you need in order to produce your title sequence? quipment-list.html Props List What props do you need? (objects and furniture within the mise-en-scene) DO NOT include camera/sound equipment in this. 3/12/costumes-props.html 13/12/props-list.html Costume List For each potential character represented in your titles, you mist create a costume list. Include images and descriptions of the clothing needed. Consider the following: Are you constructing a stereotyped look (goth/emo etc) How are you representing them? Is the costume appropriate for the genre and character role? 12/costume-list.html