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Transcript of The Camarilla Rules Supplement 6 - Angelfire: Welcome to ... Appendix C – The...

  • The Camarilla Rules Supplement 6.0


    Table of ContentsPrime 6.0001 Chapter One Character Guidelines...002 Chapter Two Traits..003 Chapter Three There is none Chapter Four Systems.008Changeling 6.0......013 Chapter One Character Creation...013 Chapter Two Traits..014 Chapter Three Power..017 Chapter Four Systems.020Garou 6.0...023 Chapter One Character creation023 Chapter Two Traits..024 Chapter Three Powers.027 Chapter Four Systems.031 Appendix A Tribebooks..035 Appendix B The Changing Breeds038 Appendix C The Hengeyokai.043 Appendix D The Wyld West..046 Appendix E The Book of the Wyrm..047Mage 6.0.048 Chapter One Character Creation...048 Chapter Two Traits..049 Chapter Three Powers.051 Chapter Four Systems.053 Appendix A The Traditionbooks...054Mortal 6.0...055 Chapter One Character Creation...055 Chapter Two Traits..056 Chapter Three Powers.059 Chapter Four Systems.062Vampire 6.0...064 Chapter One Character Creation...064 Chapter Two Traits..065 Chapter Three Powers.068 Chapter Four Systems.083 Appendix A The Clanbooks...086Wraith 6.0..091 Chapter One Character Creation...091 Chapter Two Traits..092 Chapter Three Powers.097 Chapter Four Systems.100

    Compiled and merged by Kevin LaneUS2002022274 and available in .pdf formatat

    Prime 6.0

    The Camarilla's Rules Supplement for theSanctioned Chronicle

    Reprinted material is White Wolf GamePublishing, Inc. Terms and ideastrademarked by White Wolf are used withpermission, and any mention of saidintellectual properties should not beconsidered a challenge to their ownership.


    Chapter One: Character Guidelines

    Chapter Two: Traits

    (Note: There is no Chapter Three in Prime)

    Chapter Four: Systems

    This supplement details rules for use in allvenue games of the Camarilla's SanctionedMinds Eye Theatre chronicle. These rulesare intended for use with Dark Epics,published by White Wolf Game Studios.These rules replace all prior rules for theCamarilla's Sanctioned Minds Eye Theatrechronicle.

    These rules, when used for Sanctioned play,are to be applied without change, deviation,alteration or addition by any member, savea countrys National Storyteller. This is toenforce a homogenous set of rulesthroughout the organization, insuring thatwherever a member goes, they may playwith a minimum of problems.

    Storytellers are allowed and encouraged touse their judgment in the World of Darknessto develop stories and enrich the flavor ofthe game. If a Storyteller judges that theflow of the story would be enhanced byminor exceptions to the rules (on anindividual basis only), this creative license isallowed. It is strongly suggested thatStorytellers stick to the letter and intent ofthe rules in situations where one or more

  • The Camarilla Rules Supplement 6.0


    characters may die. Storytellers found to beabusing this occasional liberty are subject toreview and possible disciplinary action.These licenses are not to be for such thingsas the approval of magic items or theallowing of players to play rare character"Types".

    Chapter One: Character Guidelines(Pr.1.0.00)

    Concept (Pr.1.0.01)All of a player's characters must be designedin such a way as to not conflict and/orinteract with each other in any way.Interactions, relationships, or otherdeliberate connections between twocharacters played by the same player areprohibited. Concepts that give charactersbackgrounds specific to another venue (i.e. aKindred that used to be a mage, Changeling,Garou, etc.) require High Approval.

    Any historical figure or character taken fromWhite Wolf materials or from any work offiction, without direct, written consent of theauthor, may not be recognizably used as thebasis for a character.

    Some Important Changes (Pr.1.0.02)

    The system of free monthly Lore Traits thatwas previously given is now changed. AllLores on the old seven point scale must beconverted to the new five point scale. Lorescurrently on the five point scale do notchange in value. Some level of Lores havechanges in Approval required, as listedbelow:

    Level 7 (Top Approval) turns into Level 5(High Approval)Level 6 (High Approval) turns into Level 4(Mid Approval)Level 5 (High Approval) turns into Level 4(Mid Approval)Level 4 (Low Approval) turns into Level 3(Low Approval)Level 3 (Low Approval) turns into Level 2(Low Approval)

    Level 2 (Low Approval) turns into Level 1(Low Approval)Level 1 (Low Approval) turns into Level 1(Low Approval)

    Characters with Influence no longer getdouble the normal number of monthlyInfluence actions for each level.

    The Supernatural Ally Merit has beenaltered to curb rampant abuse. Previouslyexisting supernatural allies will not begrandfathered. Any that are to remain inplay must satisfy the new approvalrequirements.

    Further guidelines for the Movement inCombat rules have been provided, to reflectwhat Storytellers have learned in the yearssince those rules were introduced into theMET mechanics.

    Types (Pr.1.0.03)No player may have more than one Primarycharacter that is considered to be of anunusual Type (a clan, Tribe, kith, etc.which requires High or Top Approval).Because of this limitation, each venuesupplement will list the venues Types as aseparate set of approvals in the CharacterCreation chapter. A character approved forpermanent cross-venue play counts as aspecial approval Type for these purposes(see Venue Cross-Overs in Chapter Three).

    Membership Benefits (Pr.1.0.04)Members who have performed certainduties or attained positions in the real worldorganization (as described in the Camarillasmembership materials), receive higher levelsof Member Class (MC), allowing them tocreate more experienced characters for usein Sanctioned games. If your country doesnot make use of the CamarillasInternational Prestige System, skip thissection and consult the membership benefitdocumentation provided by your NationalCoordinator.

    Each player is limited to one Primarycharacter for each Sanctioned venue. A

  • The Camarilla Rules Supplement 6.0


    player may choose to have a second Primaryin one venue, at the cost of selecting a venueto not have a Primary in. A player may onlyhave one venue "doubled up" in this mannerat any given time. Players should not insuch cases play two characters of the sameType (see Concept limitations, above). APrimary that has approval for permanentcross-venue play (see below) is consideredto take up two Primary slots, one for bothvenues. Characters that are not Primariesare called Secondary characters, and aremade as though the player were MC 1. Thedistinction between Primary and Secondaryis applied to a character at its creation andmay not be changed afterward.

    Primary characters may all begin with fiveextra Experience Traits for each of theplayers MCs. Secondary characters onlybegin play with five extra Experience Traits(as though the player were MC 1). Somevenues apply additional character creationguidelines based upon MC. Specifics can befound in the appropriate Version Six venuesupplements.

    When a player gains MC, all of his Primariesmay apply an additional five ExperienceTraits per MC gained. If a player loses oneor more MCs, the Experience Traits grantedto the character for the player's lost MCsmust be re-accounted for. These Traits arenot removed from the character sheet.Instead an Experience Trait "debt" is appliedwhich must be paid off before the charactercan spend Experience Traits on anythingelse.

    Experience Trait Restrictions (Pr.1.0.05)The maximum number of Experience Traitsthat a player character can earn in a monthis four, though some countries make use of agraduated Experience Trait cap. (Checkyour national addendum to see if this is thecase.) Experience Traits gained for MC arean exception, as are the Experience Traitsgranted from the Lore of the Stage Ordeal (ifthe Camarillas Ordeals are used by yournation). High or Top Approval may begiven for a character to exceed their cap in agiven month by one or two Experience

    Traits respectively. This exception is usuallyreserved as an "exceptional role-playingaward" given to a few players at regional ornational events.

    ET expenditures after character creation takea minimum of one week to implement,though the Storyteller (or certain itemsnoted specifically in the venue supplements)can require a longer training period.

    Character Sanctioning and Records(Pr.1.0.06)All characters must be approved by theplayers Low Approval Storyteller. A copyshould be kept up to date and on file withthat Storyteller. Low Approval Storytellersregister their characters with their MidApproval Storyteller. See Chapter Four forapproval level information.

    A complete character record should includea character sheet, the character's ExperienceTrait log, and records/verification of anyspecial approvals made on the character.An Experience Trait log will detail howstarting Traits (including Free Traits) werespent at character creation, and howExperience Traits earned after were spent. Itwill also list games attended and theExperience Traits gained for each game.Dates should be noted for each entry in theExperience Trait log. Games in which thePC crossed into another Venue must also benoted. If there is uncertainty over adiscrepancy between what is on the player'scharacter sheet and the copy kept in theStoryteller's records, the copy in the recordswill be considered accurate.

    Character Retirement (Pr.1.0.07)Since a player is limited to a specific nu