Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan , Abdul Ghaffar and Sons

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Recruitment agencies in Pakistan . is the leading Employment Service Provider based in Karachi Pakistan. Who supplies manpower to entire Middle East especially in Saudi Arabia & UAE. The Company was established in 1986 with vision to serve as a most reliable overseas employment service provider. Over past three decades Abdul Ghaffar and Sons have recruited several thousands of workers both skilled and unskilled for Middle East, in particular Gulf States including Saudi Arabia.

Transcript of Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan , Abdul Ghaffar and Sons

  • 1. Overseas Employment

2. Mr. Abdul GhaffarChairman, Abdul Ghaffar & Sons 3. PAGE - 01 . . 62 . . ) / (. . . . . CHAIRMAN MESSAGE Being a Chairman of Abdul Ghaffar and Sons, I would like to appreciate my team to develope our business over the last three decades, much beyond of my expectation. We try not to just satisfy our clients by fulfilling the requirement but we put our maximum effort to build a healthy professional long term relationship. Having been in this field for over 26 years, I can see a bright future providing this service in order to maintain good relationship with employers and employees for their mutual prosperity. We offer our Clients different recruitment packages of traditional and non-traditional of human resources that are Clients and project specific. We have also been offering our services and assisting our Clients (leading Multinational and reputed local companies active in Middle-East / Gulf sector). We undertake selection process of the manpower required by the employer from our data bank by conducting preliminary interviews by qualified experts, duly verifying the candidates education, professional qualifications, past experience physical fitness. We have an official, honest and mutually beneficial business relationship with our Clients. We believe in consistent improvement and still improving day by day. Because of the hard work of my team named Abdul Ghaffar and Sons Overseas Employment is the name of trust today specially in Gulf and Middle East. Best Regards Abdul Ghaffar Chairman- Abdul Ghaffar and Sons 4. PAGE - 02ABOUT COMPANY Abdul Ghaffar and Sons is the leading Employment Service Provider based in Karachi, Pakistan (registered from Ministry of Labour Pakistan License Number HRD-3182/KAR), who supplies manpower to entire Middle East especially in Saudi Arabia & UAE. The Company was established in 1986 with vision to serve as a most reliable overseas employment service provider. Over past three decades Abdul Ghaffar and Sons have recruited thousands of workers both skilled and unskilled for Gulf countries. Labour Department in Pakistan will not hesitate to clear any doubts regarding our agency in view of relationship we have maintained with them. This is in additional to our impeccable professional record in this field. We are fully equipped with all office equipments like Telephone, Fax, Mobile Phones, Internet, Email, Website and technical staff facilities. As a leading recruitment agency in Pakistan we cover all the major aspects of Human Resource Management including Recruiting, Training and managing the payrolls. With the facilities like interview chambers, conference rooms, audio and video conferencing facilities, security and companywide networking, we are always ready to serve your Human resource requirements. 5. 30 - PAGE ) HRD-3182/KAR ( . 6891 . . . . . . . 6. PAGE - 04INDUSTRY WE SERVE INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY CHEMICAL INDUSTRY LOGISTICS AND DISTRIBUTION COMPUTER INDUSTRY CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY COSMETICS ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY ENERGY INDUSTRY FISHING INDUSTRY FOOD INDUSTRY LEATHER INDUSTRY MINING MUSIC EQUPMENT INDUSTRY OIL & GAS INDUSTRY PETROLEUM INDUSTRY GARMENTS INDUSTRY HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY INFORMATION INDUSTRY TOURISM MANUFACTURING INDUSTRYMEDIA INDUSTRY METALWORKING MINING PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY PLASTICS INDUSTRY PUBLISHING PAPER INDUSTRY SERVICE INDUSTRIES SHIPPING SPACE INDUSTRY PRIVATE SPACEFLIGHT PERSONAL CARE STEEL INDUSTRY STOCK MARKET TEXTILE INDUSTRY TIMBER INDUSTRY TOY INDUSTRY TRANSPORT 7. 50 - PAGE 8. PAGE - 06OUR CLIENTSAL-BADIE GROUP ALFADALI AL HASNIA AL HASSAN AL MERAIKHI INDUSTRIAL AL ROSTAMANI GROUP ARABIAN CONSTRUCTIONS ASPETAR ATC BULTER BIN JARALLAH AL-FARES TRADING CO HAMAD MEDICAL LIBYAN GROUP NASSIR HAZZA & BROTEHRS OMAN AIRPORT MANAGEMENT COMPANY QATAR PETROLEUM 9. PAGE - 07AGAS INTERNATIONAL AL FARAA GROUP AL-HEBQEL ALMAT GROUP OF COPANIES AL RAWAHI INTERNATIONAL CO. AL TATWIR ALMASI CONSTRUCTIONS ARCAN CONTRACTING & INTL TRADING BADAR ALMANA GENERAL CONTRACTING CHINA RAILWAY DUTCO ENGINEERING GULF EAST TRADING & CONTRACTING HUSSENI GENERAL CONTRACT KAMITKIO MAJED BAGHLAF CONTRACTING EST. NATIONAL HEALTH AUTHORITY OMAR ZAWAWI ESTABLISHMENT QAPCO QASUR AL-TAA-QOD QATAR GAS QATAR STEEL COMPANY UME GROUP 10. PAGE - 08MANAGEMENT Mr. Ajab Khan, as the Chief Executive Officer of Abdul Ghaffar and Sons, he believes to hire only the most experience staff for manpower recruitment business as technical experts and legal advisors. He also has association with reputed technical testing institutes to offer you the best possible Manpower Employment Services. Because of his efforts for the company is well-equipped and organized in all respects. Mr. Ajab has been serving the company since 1998.Mr. Irfan Ullah Khan, has started his career as a Assistant Manager in Abdul Ghaffar and Sons but he played a very important part to grow company and emerged as an examples for other employees. Company has decided to give him charge as a Managing Director of Company. In 2005 company has awarded him top employee of the company. He is working with company since 2002 and have a bright future in this company.Mr. Adam Khan Mero, as a Director Overseas Marketing, 11 years field experience for human recourses and manpower recruiting capabilities for different countries like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, other gulf countries. He has been associated in the fields like industrial, commercial, socio economic, power generation, Infrastructure projects related Oil field, Petro Chemicals Refineries, Power Plant, Cement Industries, Chemical Industries, Construction Projects Building, Roads, Water Dams. 11. 90 - PAGE . . . 8991. . . 5002 . 2002 . 11 . . 12. MANAGEMENTWaqas Mehmood, as Recruitment/ Marketing manager, Mr. Waqas has vast experience in customer relations and recruitment of almost 12 years. He has experience in different markets (domestic and International) and fields such as Banking (Citi Bank N.A, Habib Bank Limited), Consumer products, FMCG and constructions projects. He has done some projects as well i.e Sales Plan for Feroz Products etc and achieved great milestones in his career. Waqas is incredibly smart. A true problem solver and critical thinker. If you want a modern day Einstein, look no further. He is dedicated, intellectual, flexible and hard working individual and has effective communication skills. We are really proud to have him in our team.Mr. Shujaat Ali, as a I.T. Consultant, he is professional web designer and graphic designer based in Karachi, Pakistan. He has 12 years experience in the field of IT.. A small business website or large corporation elaborate website whatever your need, my devotion to my work is obstinate. Being a professional web designer, he knows all the technical expertise for create a successful website including website internet marketing, SEO, redevelopment website.Mr Musa, as Management Co-ordinator has almost 3 years experience in the same capacity. He is young, energetic and always willing to help others. He fills the gap between subordinates and prior management. He also has very good communications skills. 13. / 21 . ) ( ) NA ( .FMCG . . A . . . . .I.T . 21 .. . SEO . 3 . . . . 14. PAGE - 10APPROVED MEDICAL CENTRESKARACHI GAMCALAHORE GAMCATAJ VACCINATION & MEDICAL CENTRE. Behind Regent Plaza Hotel, Karachi. Tel. 021-35671001, 35215730 Fax. 021-35675627.IQRAA MEDICAL COMPLEX 5-A, Johar Town, Lahore. 042-35173500 Fax. 35175400.MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC CLINIC. M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi. Tel 021-37780111 Fax.37787417. AL HILAL MEDICAL CENTRE. Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi. Tel: 021-34537331 Fax. 34382192.CANAL VIEW DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE Old Muslim Town, Lahore. 042-35863341 Fax. 35866971. ADVANCE MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE 86 Shadman, Lahore. 042-37554259 Fax. 37554260.GAMCA RAWALPINDI REGION.MULTAN GAMCARAWALPINDI GAMCA: Tel. 051-2852117 Fax. 2852116AL BARKAT MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTER 677/E, Shahrukh-ne-Alam Colony, Multan. Tel: 061-6778338, Fax: 061-4552164GCC DIAGNOSTIC CENTER 522-A, F-10/2, Islamabad. 051-2298512-3 Fax.2298666. URGENT MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTER 101-A, Main 6th Road, Satellite Town, Near Allahdin Fun House, Murree Road, Rawalpindi. Tel: 051-4414784, 4417934, Fax: 0514417943.MULTAN DIAGNOSTIC CENTER 123-124, Nishtar Chowk, Purana Bahawalpur Road, Multan. Tel: 061-4782521, Fax: 061-4782520. NAQFAN DIAGNOSTIC CENTER 1/B, Y blocks Madni Chowk, near Fatimid blood bank, New Multan. Tel: 061-6778861-2, Fax: 061-4551873.We have more approved medical centers on 15. PAGE - 11ON-SITE TRAINING 16. To, M/S Abdul Ghaffar and Sons Address: Suite # 303, 3rd Floor Al-Rehman Centre A-31 K.E.C.H.S Union, Baloach Colony Shahrah-e-faisal, Karachi Pakistan. Telephone: +92-21-34320700, FAX: +92-21-34320701 E-mail: [email protected]@ [email protected] 17. Do hereby appoint M/S. Abdul Ghaffar and Sons, HRD/3182.KAR Overseas Employment Promoters / human resource agency, in karachi, Suite # 303, 3rd Floor Al-Rehman Centre A-31 K.E.C.H.S Union, Baloach Colony Shahrah-e-faisal, Karachi Pakistan. 18. P