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Lancme's InternWan Noor FaradawinaTaylors UniversityInternship ExpectationsGiven TasksMeeting ExpectationsReflectionRecommendationsThank You Note

Internship ExpectationsLearning different approaches to market luxury productsLearning about work ethics & company cultureCurious on the implementation of business theoriesLearning on professional communicationBecoming better at time management

Given TasksLaunch of the new Blanc Expert rangeMicrosite, SMS blast, EDMBlanc Expert Mini DemoLiaise with retailers & outside vendorsPropose events in SephoraAgenda for Consumer Event

Competitors trend report

Helped out for Absolue Golden Glow PR event


Meeting Expectations

Different sales communication with consumer productsThe importance of brand-retailer relationshipThe process of having a promotion Digital Marketing communicationCooperation from retailerWorking with outside vendorsThe hierarchy & culture of the teamStill needs to improve on time management

ReflectionTheories learnt are nothing if they are not properly being implementedTo be more sensitive on small detailsTo be more comprehensive when sending emailsTo mingle more and learn new things from peopleTo stop being so dependent on N+1s approval

RecommendationsBetter communicationPlanning FeedbacksBy Julian Tan