What Does the Rise of Omnichannel Mean for Your Customer Experience Strategy?

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Transcript of What Does the Rise of Omnichannel Mean for Your Customer Experience Strategy?

  • What Does the Rise of Omnichannel Mean for Your Customer Experience Strategy?

  • What Does the Rise of Omnichannel Mean for Your Customer Experience Strategy?

    Disruption from digital transformation Anywhere, anytime, any-channel interactions

    The new standard in addressing todays customer needs Maturing to Omnichannel

    Science of Human Interactions in the Contact Center Increased velocity is changing customer relationships

    The new Contact Center mix Teams and technologies improving customer loyalty & retention

    Evolving to more customer profitability and success Lowering TCO through packaged technology; What success looks like

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    Pressures On the Traditional Contact Center

    Limited Options and Call Centers Flourish1990s

    Siloed Customer Touchpoints Makes CX Problematic

    Multiple Channels Available with No Integration 2010s

    Add Company Brochure Websites and E-Mail Support 2000s

    Call Center Augments Branch/Store

    TODAY Aspire to Managed Journeys ?

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    Digital Engagement Is Exploding

    50%prefer the phone for more complex



    expect web-chat offers while online

    75%go digital before

    using voice channels


    use more than 4 channels to

    consume service

    75%see customer experience as a differentiator

  • How Disruptive Is Digital Transformation?

    Interactions occur anywhere, anytime, yet more channels than ever

    New ability to collect rich customer data

    You face limitations to shaping a comprehensive customer profile if NOT designed for omnichannel

  • How disruptive is digital transformation?

    Digital transformation can cause you to lose control of your brand

    Customers are more intelligent, more influential and more impatient

    A new world of instant gratification

    Leveraging technology to provide a single view of the Customer

    Source: Edison Research 2014


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    People dont think in channelsTheir analogue is interacting with friendsable to switch channels between mobile, social, chat, web, email and messagingnever having to start a conversation over.

    Simply supporting more than one channel

    Enabling a transition from one channel to another Mutually aware channels

    Omnichannel is the new standard to address todays customer

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    Omnichannel Engagement Center Approach


    Employ analytics to drive actionable insights and predict next best actions for targeted outcomes








    Systems of Record

    Identify customers and link interactions across channels

    1. COLLECT


    Drive personalized and proactive engagement based on customer context, business rules and predictive next best actions

    3. ENGAGE

    Systems of Record

    Customer Engagement Profile and

    Journey HistoryCONTEXT SERVICES

    Analyze in real-time to understand customer behavior, intent, engagement profile and opportunities

    2. ANALYZE

    BUSINESS RULES AnalyticsActionable Insights &

    Next Best Action Predictions

  • Omnichannel Is the New Standard to Address Todays Customer

    Business maturity is necessary to manage Common misperceptions around cost and training

    Contact centers are challenged to support omnichannel Notorious for high turnover

    Company size is irrelevant What does omnichannel support look like?

  • Omnichannel Is the New Standard to Address Todays Customer

    Source: Institute of Customer Service, 2013

    What Customers Complain About


  • Human Interactions Science

    The heart has reasons that the mind knows nothing of.

    People are Driven By Emotions

    Pathos appeal to emotions

  • Human Interactions Science

    Human touch more than being a number Bonding with customers through personalization The importance of

    employee morale Omnichannel impacts employee engagement and productivity

    Informed and confident agents reduce customer frustration

  • New Teams Now Part of the Contact Center Mix

    Moving from cost center to opportunity center From Containment to Consulting

    Seeing the call center as a knowledge center for messaging and customer connections Programs to improve customer retention and loyalty Educating versus selling

    Building Collaboration with other departments

  • New Teams Now Part of yhe Contact Center Mix

    Advanced analytics provide insight into customer journeys

    Gaining visibility across all interactions

    Balance between cost and customer satisfaction

    Ease of use is at the heart of successful customer engagement

    Extensive Use of Customer Analytics Impact On Corporate Performance

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    Important Technologies for Midmarket Customer Experience

    Contact center evolving to contribute more to customer profitability and success Investment components in both technology and in people

    Multi-vendor, point solutions versus integrated, best-of-suite approach Scalable solutions are critical

    Start small and grow as needed Lower TCO over time through packaged, scalable, multiple-channel technology Savings Assessment Tool available

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    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) benefits IT Facilitates transition to multi-channel call control Integrates with existing infrastructure

    Workforce management benefits both companies and customers Guide hiring and compensation needs Increase agent productivity and retention

    Important Technologies for Midmarket Customer Experience

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    Choosing Your Omnichannel Engagement Center

    Single Platform for Voice & Digital

    + Proven at Scale


    Cloud or Premise Hardware Agnostic Open Standards

    + System of Engagement






    Dept. A

    Dept. B

    Dept. C


    System of Engagement

    Personalized Orchestration

    Lifecycle Monitoring

    & Analytics


    Context Workforce



    Interaction &

    Work Item Routin



    CX ServicesSelf & Assisted

    Personalized, Consistent CX


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    Simplified for Companies of All Sizes

    On Demand, Fast and Easy

    For Small & Midsized Businesses


    Packaged, Scalable Capabilities

    For Midsized & Large Businesses

    Cloud & On-Premises

    Fully Customizable

    For Larger Businesses

    Cloud, Hybrid, & On-Premises

    Omnichannel Engagement Center

  • Award Winning Genesys Customer Experience Platform

    2015 Leader in Contact Center Infrastructure MQ 2014 Challenger in Workforce Optimization MQ 2014 IVR MarketscopeStrong PositiveBest Score

    2014 Mobile Customer Engagement Company of the Year 2013 Contact Center Company of the Year 2013 NA Top 3 Cloud Contact Center Provider

    2015 Market Leader, CC & Software Infrastructure

    2015 Market Leader, Multichannel Cloud Contact Center

  • Confidential and Proprietary

    Focus and Success in Multiple Industries

    Banking Retail Insurance Healthcare Telecom Government Utilities Travel and


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    Routing Workforce


    Single, Unified Engagement across Voice and Digital

    Customer Journey



    Outbound Voice


    Inbound Voice

    Back Office


    Customer Intent Employee Strengths Low Effort Experience Target Outcomes

    Right Experience. All the Channels. All the Time.

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    With a cloud contact center model from Genesys, weve been able to reduce maintenance expense, while meeting our global disaster recovery and business continuity requirements.

    Lee Congdon, CIORed Hat

    Industry Software Region North America / Global

    Challenges Create true business continuity and high availability Connect regional contact center silos Support rapid growth

    Solution Genesys Customer Experience Platform established a global voice

    queue for inbound calls, providing a follow the sun solution to serve customers across all global regions throughout the day. Includes IVR, centralized routing, reporting, WFM. Solution will drive more operational visibility with universal queue of customer interactions across all touch points and channels.

    Results Unmatched redundancy for business continuity Handle more volume with existing staff Improved customer service by routing customers to qualified agents the first time

    Global Voice Queue Supporting a Unified,

    Virtual Team

    Read the stories on the Web: Customer Success Story - Connecting Global Support in the Cloud Genesys Newsroom - Genesys Cloud Contact Center Solution Selected by Red Hat to Transform Customer Experience