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UK HE Shared Services Chris Cobb Pro Vice-Chancellor. Shared Services - Definitions. Centralisation within one institution Sharing between institutions Out-Sourcing to a third party. Origins/Perspectives:. Gershon Review (2004/5) Transformational Government Technology (2005) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of UK HE Shared Services Chris Cobb Pro Vice-Chancellor

  • UK HE Shared Services

    Chris CobbPro Vice-Chancellor

  • Shared Services - Definitions

    Centralisation within one institution

    Sharing between institutions

    Out-Sourcing to a third party

  • Gershon Review (2004/5)Transformational Government Technology (2005)NHS XANSA (now Steria) 150 Healthcare Trusts 21M patient records 225M in savingsAustriaHEFCE KPMG Report Pilot Studies ..?SCONUL University LibrariansJISC Joint Information Systems CommitteeOrigins/Perspectives:

  • Austrian Model

  • KPMG Shared Services in HE Report: BarriersBarriers:The additional costs of shared services as a result of irrecoverable VAT.The need for HEIs to maintain their independence (and be seen to be doing so), when they are in competition with one another. Threat to academic or operational independence, or sharing student services without compromising a competitive advantage

  • UCAS >500,000 undergraduate applications processed per yearJANET network connecting UK universities, FE Colleges, Research Councils, Specialist Colleges and Adult and Community Learning providers. Over 18 million end-users.USS pension fund with 133,000 active membersSLC over 800,000 loan applications for September 2010RCUK shared HR, finance, procurement, IT, payroll, grant processingM25 Library group 59 member institutionsFollow the Sun out of hours ICT SupportInternal Audit : Kingston City Group, UNIAC Procurement Advice and consortia LUPC, SUPC et alSUMS management consultancy services with 31 members

    KPMG Shared Services in HE Report: UK ExamplesCritical Mass Economy of Scale

  • Ernst Young Finance Function Decision SupportPerform planning, budgeting & forecastingPerform cost management & profitabilityEvaluate & manage financial performanceManage capital ControlManage Internal ControlManage TreasuryManage TaxesReportingManage policies and proceduresPerform product and general accountingDeliver reportingTransaction ProcessingProcess accounts payableProcess expense reimbursementsProcess payrollProcess revenue accounting

  • HEFCE Feasibility Pilots / Institutional ExperiencesResearch Data ServicesSalford & Derby shared data centreBloomsbury GroupDurham Finish (Helsinki) LiverpoolAustria

  • University of Liverpool & Liverpool John Moores University by PA Consulting

  • Liverpool Outcomes

    Leave StandaloneCollaborationShared ServicesExams ManagementStudent Support HealthHR Employee CounsellingFinance Financial Planning & ReportingManagement ReportingAudit ComplianceCateringBibliographic ServicesLibrary Information ServicesStudent Support Accommodation SupportFacilities management - Travel planningRisk ManagementStudent Financials Student Support CounsellingStudents Support Loans/WelfareHR Training & DevelopmentHR Maintain Staff RecordsHR Monitor Staff AbsenceHR PayrollIT Production & Operation SupportIT Business Systems Management & SupportFinance Operational TransactionsFacilities management - Business ContinuityHealth & SafetyPrinting Post & Transport

  • Standing Committee (SCONUL)Library Management SystemsModularisationSAASResource Discovery standardsLicensing92% interest in a shared service undertaking e-Journals licensing92% interest in a shared service undertaking e-Books licensing84% interest in a shared system for Electronic Resource Management77% interest in a shared service undertaking ERM

  • Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)Duke and Jordon ReportFlexible Service Delivery ProgrammeEnterprise ArchitectureService Orientated ArchitectureSystem ModularisationCloud Computing

  • Duke & Jordon: SystemsSource: JISC Shared Services Study Report 2. Software currently in use for administrative systems in UK FE & HE. Undertaken by Duke & Jordon April 2008

  • Duke & Jordon: Principal Drivers for ICT Shared Services

  • Hybrid cloud solution for research repository servicesRegional University collaboration with local council for shared ICT serviceUse of EA: centralised timetabling for space efficiency and carbon reductionsmart card access controlintegrated learning environmentsProduct modularisation utilising cloud deployed systems and SOASecure electronic document delivery e.g. degree certificatesGRID enabled HPCCloud based Enterprise Service BusResearch ManagementJISC Flexible Service Delivery Programme (FSD)

  • Reluctance dissipating with burning platform of fiscal crisis, cut-backsVAT despite increase it is unavoidable and staff costs are increasing (pay & pensions)New Govt push for efficiency, driven by fat cat perception - 20M stimulus Shared Data CentresE-ProcurementFSD FundingCurrent Situation

  • One of the great ironies for those of us in higher education ICT is that, in the coming years, doing the best possible job for our institutions will mean finding the optimal ways to replace our functions with outside services. In other words, a critical part of our job will be to outsource ourselves as effectively as possible.Painting the Clouds, Educause Review, vol 43, no. 6 (Nov/Dec 2008)Colin Currie, Director of Administrative Information Services, Princeton University

    **So where does the shared services story start?Government2004/5 saw the publication of the Gershon Review into efficiencies in UK Public Sector.In November 2005 the Cabinet Office published 'Transformational Government: Enabled by Technology', which set out the Government's vision for a long-term transformation of public services. One of the three key transformations which the report identified as being required to achieve the vision was that Government should 'move to a shared services culture' to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of public services. NHS XANSA (now Steria) handling 21M patient records across 150 NHS trusts and other clients. Delivering 20-30% savings (225M). Employs 1300 people including 550 in India.

    ****In defining the business case for shared services Ernst Young use the example of an organisations finance function. They describe this function as comprising four elements: slideThe Ernst Young model sees compelling business case for shifting the last three on to third party service providers and focussing the internal resource on the first.Ernst Young benchmark stats show that a Universitys Finance function is typically 1-2% of turnover whereas in commercial sector it is < 0.75%