The Basics of Building Games

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Slides from a Tech Tutorial at the Alliance of American Museums annual meeting in Seattle, WA. May 20, 2014. Kellian Pletcher (Green Door Labs), Matt Haselton (Filament Games), and Susan Edwards (J. Paul Getty Trust)

Transcript of The Basics of Building Games

The basics of building games(Ten questions to ask yourself and your


#1 Do we want a game?

Lets define game

(all games are learning games)

10 (or five) reasons you want to build a game!

#2What do you have to

work with?

Three things to consider!

When the game is over, we want players to _______.

Set Explicit Goals

What luck! We have plenty of __________ to use.

Identify key resources.

No matter what, we absolutely cant _________.

Clarify any restrictions.

#3What kind of game achieves our goals?

What experience do you want?

#4Can I easily explain my game?

#5Who can build this?

Game Designer

Game Developers

It takes some people some time to build a game.-William Shakespeare

#6Does it work?

You can learn lots of things before spending any money!

Your future players will be your best testers and toughest critics.

Does anything need to change?

#7How do you know when youve got something?

Goals are met?

Game is playable?

Game is balanced?

...everything checks out!

#8Do you have time for bad


Mistakes will be made.

#9 Where are the people who care

about it?

Im here to talk about a sweet game I made.

Traditional advertising can get really expensive consider alternative options!

#10 How long will it last?

Lets talk about maintenance

Now, lets try it!


You provide the game.


Pitch the game in 3 sentences Link it to your mission Name 3 people youll approach

to get buy-in

[email protected]

@[email protected]