Syasya (Myself)

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2. ABOUT ME My name is Nur Iman Syasya. Im 13 years old. I am a Form 1 student at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dato Bentara Dalam, Segamat. My best friends are Nazatul Aida, Ridwana Syasya, Nurul Asyiqin, Anis Alia and Maisarah Saad.. 3. MY HOBBIESI love playingclassical musicon my violin andwatchingJapanese anime. To relax, I read a book in my room or street-board around my neighbourhood.I have two pet dwarf hamsters, Ham and Bum. 4. SOME OF MY FAVOURITE BOOKS 5. THE SCHOOL TEACHERS IN 1966 THE ARE NOW 92 SCHOOL TEACHERS IN SMKDBD 6. MY CLASSROOM1RK1 FRONT BACK 7. COAT OF ARMS PRIME MINISTERPETRONAS TWIN KING AND QUEENTOWERS 8. HIBISCUSSARAWAK HORNBILL (NATIONAL FLOWER) WAU (KITE) AQUARIA ORANGUTANA FAMOSA MOUNT KINABALU (SEPILOK RESERVE)(PORTUGESE FORTRESS) (TALLEST MOUNTAIN) PENANG BRIDGE TEA PLANTATION (CAMERON HIGHLAND) 9. I live in The name Segamat is believed to have been derived from the combination of these two Malay words - Segar-Amat which literally means Extremely (Amat) Fresh (Segar). LEGENDS According to the elders in Segamat, a myth exists that 1111 tells of a dragon, whose length spans the distance between Kampung Berata and Kampung Gemereh (~ 5 km). The dragon sleeps underground, and Segamatmay experience very bad floods when the dragonchanges its sleeping position, said to be caused by gaps made when the dragon moves. Thedragon is called Ruby Dragon. 10. THE GREAT FLOOD OF 2006 11. Segamat is a fast growing agricultural oil palm and rubber district, famous for its delicious durians. The recent slogan used to attract tourists to Segamat is Selamat Datang ke Segamat - Tanah Raja Buah-buahan (Welcome to Segamat - The Land of King of Fruits). OIL PALM PLANTATION RAMBUTAN MANGOSTEEN RUBBER PLANTATIONLANGSATDURIAN 12. SEGAMAT RIVER SEGAMAT TOWN SEGAMAT TRAIN STATIONMY PEKAN AYER HOMETOWN PANAS HOTSPRING BEKOK WATERFALLSEGAMAT SQUARE 13. I HOPE YOU HAVE LEARNEDSOMETHING ABOUT ME,MY SCHOOL SMKDBD,MY HOMETOWN SEGAMAT AND MY COUNTRY MALAYSIASINCERELY,Syasya