Soul Eruption!

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Soul Eruption! An Amazing Journey of Self-Discovery Author: Catrice M. Jackson
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Learn more about the transformational power of Soul Eruption, an inspirational self-help book and live your best life guide.

Transcript of Soul Eruption!

Soul Eruption! An Amazing Journey of Self-Discovery

Soul Eruption! An Amazing Journey of Self-DiscoveryAuthor: Catrice M. Jackson

ForwardLiving is often referred to as a journey. Many go on to say that its not the destination in life that matters, but the journey thats most important. So, what happens when you become lost, disorientated, or just simply lose direction in your journey? Catrice Jackson has the answer. In this book, she provides not just a set of tools and suggestions for getting back on course, but a precise map and a key to the best treasure weve been blessed with . . . ourselves.

Why You Should Read This BookGetting lost along the journey sometimes means forgetting. We forget the light of our lives is inside, not outside. We forget that our most precious gifts and talents have been given to us already. And we forget that we truly are all we need. Catrices book helps us get back to ourselves, uncover who we truly are authentically, and shows us how to go for what is best in life based on our purest dreams and aspirations. From inspirational quotes, to in-practice examples, to soul searching exercises, Catrice challenges us to stop fretting, stop stalling, stop denying and fulfill our purpose on this earth. She gives us what we so often need, permission to be our best selves. Read this book. Use this book. Discover and unlock the wondrous treasure that is you. ~~Kim Whiteside, Published Author, Sweet Like Honey and Can I Get an Amen.

Book FeaturesA power-packed insightful and practical guide to help you transform your life from the inside out Includes 20 chapters of real-life challenges and effective strategies to become victorious in life! Includes over 100 personal power tips and life strategies. Includes 8 pages of affirmations and intention statements. Includes 14 powerful and inspiring poems to help you on your journey. This book will cause your soul to erupt and reveal an authentic YOU!

The Power of Soul Eruption!Theres No Time Like the Present Moment to Begin Transforming Your Life! Stop Blaming Other PeopleQuit Putting Yourself LastDont Wait for Opportunities Create Them NowEverything You Need is Within YouBe Honest With YourselfFace Your FearsHeal from the PastForgive Those Who Have Hurt YouTake Responsibility For Your ActionsTake Control of Your Destiny TodayLearn How to Live Authentically EverydayAre you ready to begin your soul journey? Get Soul Eruption! Today

Whats So Special About Soul Eruption?Soul Eruption! An Amazing Journey of Self-Discovery will change your life. It contains a simple, straightforward and powerful message for living an authentic, joyful, purposeful and successful life. To achieve your goals, dreams and potential you must learn how to self-reflect, establish clarity, create intentions and overcome the obstacles that hold you back in life. You must remove the biggest obstacle in your life; you. You must unlock your hidden treasures and share them with the world.

This book provides strategies and personal power tips for every facet of your life to include career, family and relationships. The book is designed to help you unlock your authentic voice, discover you passion and purpose in life and how to live every day by being authentic and doing what you love. Soul Eruption! An amazing journey of self-discovery will help you begin a soul journey that will lead you to achieving the joy, success, and happiness that you seek in life.

Life Transformation Learn the art of self-reflection. Discover your inner voice and unique talents. Become the person you secretly desire. Begin living a fear-free and authentic life. Discover your purpose and live with passion. Be inspired to stop surviving and begin thriving in life.

Sample Chapters 1 The Power of Self-Reflection2 Unleashing the Real You3 Creating Abundance in Your Life4 The Audacity to Hope5 Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos6 The Journey Back from Failure7 Claiming Victory8 Achieving Mental Wellness9 Pulling Weeds and Planting Seeds10 Taking Risks11 The Right One12 Transformation13 Getting Out of the Box14 Leaving a Legacy

Begin Your Journey TodayThis insightful, easy to read book filled with practical, real life reflections and personal power tips is a must for any person who desires to transform their life.When you finish reading this book you will have begun a soul journey that will eventually lead you to a fear-free life of authenticity and splendor! Order online at

Inspiration for the JourneyIf you are willing to work from the inside out and take an amazing journey inward you will learn how to feel the internal power everyday that you choose to. Living your best life is all about choices. You have the power to choose what you bring into your mind, body and soul. You also have the power to block what you dont want to bring into yourself, if you chose to do so. Life is full of possibilities, opportunities and choices. By choosing to read this book you are already on your way to learning how to self-reflect, become authentic, magnetize, project goodness, and live life instead of letting life live you. Destiny is a choice despite your current or past circumstances. I encourage you to choose peace, authenticity, abundance and personal power today.

The Author Catrice, "The Empowerment Expert" and Keep it Real Life Coach is passionate about helping people discover their inner jewels and inspires them to live an authentically abundant life. Catrices innovative philosophy on the human condition, Catriceology allows her to intuitively understand the psychology of people. Catrice helps people discover the a ha moments necessary to create the life they desire. Catrice is a dynamic speaker and effective life strategist who helps people embark upon a soul journey filled with self-reflection and purposeful action.

I am ready to take the journey with you

Let Soul Eruption! Inspire Your GroupCatrice Jackson, author of Soul Eruption! and sought after speaker delivers fresh and inspiring messages that create "a ha" moments essential for creating lives of purpose and careers of passion. Presentation Topics (based on the book) Speak Your Truth & Unleash the Real You: Awaken your inner eye and learn how to step into your personal power and live a vibrant life with full awareness. Get Out of Your Own Way: Learn how to use your challenges and failures as fuel to create your destiny. Discover the power in creating a vision for your life. Create Your Life Right Now: A motivational message to help you stop procrastinating, silence your inner critic and get active in creating your life.