SEO is Dead: It's a Linkless, SEOless World

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So many marketers have their knickers tied in a twist over "SEO is dead!", "Link building is dead!". Sure makes for a great tagline, right? Here's what SEO experts Eric Ward and Rae Hoffman have to say about it. Resources: Image sources:[email protected]/485076024/[email protected]/2686228365[email protected]/3978175749/

Transcript of SEO is Dead: It's a Linkless, SEOless World

SEO Link Building Is Dead

Its a Linkless, SEOless World...

And many marketers have their knickers tied up in a twist over it...


Eric Ward: Link Moses, writes for Link Week column at

Rae Homan: CEO of PushFire, author of the often controversial Sugarrae blog.


Eric Ward: 11 Reasons Link Building Is A Futile Waste Of Time And One Big Reason It Isnt

Rae Homan: Google Propaganda, SEO and Why Marketers Need to Wake up


Eric Ward: at

Rae Homan: at


The Premise

A lot of people who think SEO is dead in my opinion, do so because they were one trick ponies so to speak - had one ranking tactic in their arsenal that they conf_used with a strategy build keyword based links.

~ Rae Hoffman

Its been made clear by everyone that link building is now dead, the last nail in the con being the guest blog po_st, hammered in by my friend, colleague, and occasional co-panelist, Matt Cutts, who takes way more grief than he deserves.

~ Eric Ward

To be clear, Im not picking on Matt personally here, even though his po_st was partially responsible for spurring this po_st. Google is a huge company and Matt doesnt run it. Im sure when Matt is met with e_xamples of the above, hes sometimes like ~ Rae Hoffman

Speaking of Matt Cutts, we DO like the guy:

Is Good Content Good Enough?

You now have one single solitary content mission:Be awesome. Be awesome and the world will find and share that awesomeness this is the 2014 social version of 1994s build it and they will come approach, or the

2010 version of just make it an app and they will download it. ~ Eric Ward

Somehow, someway, the web has evolved into this ab_solutely am9ing collection of utterly brilliant content that builds its own links or downloads itself onto your handheld. ~ Eric Ward

Were told to create good content and our Google rankings will be fine.

Im sorry, but I live in reality. In reality, creating good content guarantees you nothing. :eres no guarantee good content will magically be shared.

~ Rae Hoffman

If good content does get shared, and gets shared so much that a larger site republishes it, it could screw me.If people like it, and link to it with too much anchor, it could screw me.If not enough quality sites link to it in proportion to the overall inbound links, it could screw me.If multiple bloggers with a good audience who can give me good e_xpo_sure, but that also blatantly sell links or publish a lot of guest po_sts links to it, it could screw me.If I include a ni;y graphic in it and enough people repo_st that graphic and give me a link credit for being the source, it could screw me.

~ Rae Hoffman

In short, Im suppo_sed to publish awesome content, not actively promote it and hope that the right ratio_s of the right t