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    hilds C

    a rayer P Pray, he is there; Speak, he is list'ning.

    You are his child;

    His love now surrounds you.

    He hears your prayer;

    He loves the children.

    Of such is the kingdom, the

    kingdom of heav'n.





    TheUnexpected Lesson

    An hour and a half. Every single Tuesday. Walking on the side of the highway from Juana Dias to Guayabal, Puerto Rico, Sister Harris and Sister Taylor tried not to think about the blisters forming from their standard missionary ballet flats. Their giggles and banter back and forth masked their pessimistic attitudes concerning Migdalia Dominguez, the inactive member they had a weekly lesson with.

    After scaling the hill that Migdalias house rested upon, Sister Harris was not excited to teach what she thought would be once again a difficult lesson. Yet, she did not know that this visit would humble her immensely.

    As she sat down and fully listened for the first time, she learned that Migdalia wasnt a baptized member of the church. She knew the church was true and that she wanted to follow Christs teachings, but Sister Harris and Sister Taylor soon discovered that she was having a hard time piecing together her testimony.

    Soon thereafter, the two Sisters were prompted to teach Migdalia about the Restoration. Sister Harris had been scared to teach this lesson due to knowing of Migda-lias lack of faith concerning Joseph Smith being a prophet of God; it turned out to be the best lesson they had all week.

    Sister Harris started teaching by reading in Matthew chapter 21, which discusses a parable from Christ that works in unison with the Restoration. Then Sister Tay-lor explained the First Vision. As they heard Migdalia quote with Sister Taylor the entire First Vision, they could feel the Spirit enter the room! Sister Harris tried

    to end the lesson by telling her about the Book of Mor-mon and how much of a blessing it would be in her life, but Migdalia surprised them as she gave insights into her struggle to gain a testimony. She explained that she didnt know if the church was true, she didnt know if Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that she didnt believe in all the principles of the Church.

    Sister Harris, feeling heart broken, thought of how none had fellowshiped and taught Migdalia during the 10 years that she had been investigating the church. No

    one had helped her develop a testimony, taught her the true doctrine, or showed her an example of what members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints really believe.

    Sister Harris and Sister Taylor shared their own conversion stories, about how they both came to know the Book of Mormon was true. The spirit was so powerful that Migdalia was brought to tears as they declared their thoughts and feelings. In broken Spanish and

    recieving assistance from her companion, Sister Taylor began to testify. She brought a whole new spirit into the room and her determination to share her experi-ence and love to this member was evident.

    Sister Harris couldnt help but be grateful for a com-panion that wasnt going to let any challenge or diffi-culty bring her down. She knew right then that Sister Taylor would do great things during her mission and had a testimony that would change many lives!

    They challenged Migdalia to read the Book of Mormon and pray with a sincere heart to her Father in Heaven so that she would know that it is true!

    She brought a whole new

    spirit into the room