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Transcript of Phil Watson

  • Hello Pipeline Summit!

  • Phil Watson SMB Sales EMEA, Slack


  • WHY?

  • Wrong people

  • Success / Failure


  • Wrong people AND

    Right people too late

  • What cost?

    Source: Paul Kilfeather, Slack

  • Reactive Hiring

  • Workload

  • Prioritisation

  • QUESTION: Am I completely opposed to changing the way I think about hiring salespeople? Great candidates. On time.

  • Active vs Passive

    25% 75%

  • Source: Linkedin



  • 75% Talent knows

    Talent Be


  • First: Profile of Hire Values: Empathy

    Craftsmanship Solidarity

    Profile of Performance:

    Curiosity Resilience Learning

  • Co-Active Sourcing

    Recruiter: Slammed

    You know profile best

  • Co-Active Sourcing

  • Co-Active Sourcing

  • On Time: Talent Pipelining 95 days? 2k/day?

    Biggest determiner of Success Worth it!

    Set a target: 5 and 1

  • Caution: Candidate Experience

  • Multi/Peer Interviewing

  • Work Sample

    Quality Control

    Importance of Writing

    Test: Quality of Writing Sales Acumen

    Company & Culture Knowledge

  • Three things you can implement Tomorrow:

    1.Build hiring calculator 2.Build profile of hire based on top

    performers 3.Start Co-Active sourcing

  • How well make our next 10 Sales:

    Empathy Craftsmanship Playfulness

  • Questions? Connect!