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1. London Network of Nurses and Midwives Homelessness Group Friday 17th April 2015 St. Martin-in-the-Fields Austerity and Access CO-PRODUCED WITH: SPONSORED BY: SUPPORTED BY: ENTERTAINMENT BY: 2. Special thanks SPEAKERS, PANEL MEMBERS,WORKSHOP LEADERS 3. Housekeeping Timing Sign in to workshops Panel Questions stick your dots on BEFORE lunch Poster competition Quiz (answers by afternoon tea in box at reception ) Feedback forms Schedule Changes 4. Who are the LNNM Homelessness group? Chair currently - Maxine Radcliffe Vice Chair Paul Coleman Treasurer - Rosa Ungpakorn 5. LNNM the last year Screen grab from website add from home max 6. London Health Commission Recommendation 31: Health and care commissioners should develop a pan- London, multi-agency approach to healthcare for the homeless and rough sleepers, with dedicated integrated care teams, and commissioned across the capital by a single lead commissioner 7. Focus groups The Homeless Health Services Programme Board is one of the 13 transformation programmes that feature in the agreed set of programmes for 15/16 by all 32 CCGs and NHS England the London Health Partnership Focus groups will help inform the agenda Pack colours and rooms 8. 64% increase in London rough sleeping (2010/2011 2013/2014) 54% of rough sleepers not UK born (2013/2014) 90% projects report clients being benefit sanctioned (2015) 18% reduction in London hostel bed spaces (2012 2014) 54% attendees to a specialist GP clinic turned away by mainstream GPs, often several times. Testing showed 18% had a serious infectious disease. (2012) 1 in 5 Project London attendees feared arrest if they accessed healthcare. 1 in 4 had been denied access. (2013) 28.2% of the general population say it is not easy to get through to their GP (2014) Austerity and Access 9. LNNM future Bi-monthly meetings Continue to influence policy Next years conference? Funding ? to run network ? Future Action Learning sets Input to the Program Board guiding commissioning review