#NoEmployees - Eliminating the divide between managers and programmers

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#NOEMPLOYEES Eliminating the divide between managers and programmers & Antti Kirjavainen Juha Heimonen image: CC BYSA 2.0 by Solarisgirl

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From collective code ownership to collective ownership, period #NoEmployees is not a hashtag. Unless you want it to be. It’s not a movement. Unless you want it to be. It’s not a taboo, unless you want it to be. When Frederick Taylor introduced Scientific Management, he institutionalized the divide between the thinkers, managers, and the doers, workers. That institution spread to software development by the way of Project Management discipline. The industry wraps itself under very tightly knitted power structures, ranging from projects to organizational charts which mainly exists to subjugate people to a class hierarchy. Projects oppress, organizational charts oppress. The employment relationship ties the hands of both employees and employers. With Agile, we have tried to close that dividing gap. We have used values, principles and practices to try to achieve that. We have had successes, but they are few and far between. Maybe we need to shake up the power structures more to have a genuine impact? So let’s change things a bit. Let’s destroy. Let’s say No to employees. Let’s say No to management as well, but management, and employer, is but an employee to customer. Let’s say no, and bring everyone to collaborate and deliver like never seen before.

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  • 1. #NOEMPLOYEESEliminating the divide between managers and programmersAntti Kirjavainen & Juha Heimonenimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl

2. We are not 20 anymore.image: CC BYND2.0 by snippets101 3. WE KNOW...... How we'd like things to beimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 4. Mastery Autonomy Purpose 5. Holistic responsibilityTotal self-organizationCollaborationimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 6. WE HAVE TRIED ...... Many, many thingsimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 7. image: CC BY 2.0 by Tara 8. Team-building exercisesimage: CC BYNC2.0 by Zice Life 9. VISION AND MISSIONSTATEMENTSAs a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty,openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism,continual self-improvement, and mutual respect. We arecommitted to our customers and partners and have a passion fortechnology. We take on big challenges, and pride ourselves onseeing them through. We hold ourselves accountable to ourcustomers, shareholders, partners, and employees by honoringour commitments, providing results, and striving for the highestquality.image: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 10. Agile Transformationsimage: CC BYSANC2.0 by Canned Tuna 11. Merit Moneyimage: Image by Jurgen Appelo 12. And many more...image: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 13. LOT'S OF CHANGES!image: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 14. RESULTS?Sure, we've made progress in some placesBut it has been a long hard journeyAnd in most places the status quo prevailsimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 15. WHERE DOES THISRESISTANCE COMEFROM?image: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 16. Employees, managers and ownersimage: Image CC BY 3.0 by Antti 17. Tayloristic model of managementimage: Image is public domain 18. Conflicting needs of employees and ownersimage: Image by SmartVt 19. Conflicting needs of employees and ownersimage: Image by PBS 20. CAUSES OFRESISTANCEBinary division of labor between employees and managersConflicting needs between employees and ownersimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 21. SIMPLIFYimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 22. COULD THERE BEREALLY SIMPLESOLUTION?image: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 23. OUR SIMPLESTTHING#NoEmployeesimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 24. #NOEMPLOYEES?image: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 25. Employees, managers and ownersimage: Image CC BY 3.0 by Antti 26. Employees, managers and ownersimage: Image CC BY 3.0 by Antti 27. Employees, managers and ownersimage: Image CC BY 3.0 by Antti 28. #NOEMPLOYEESFellowsimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 29. HOW?Shared ownershipAccess to shared ownership to new fellowsShared workTransparencyimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 30. Shared ownershipimage: CC BYNC2.0 by ryancr 31. Access to shared ownership to new fellowsimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Ben Grey 32. Shared workimage: CC BYNC2.0 by yuan2003 33. Transparency 34. THE WHY'Simage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 35. Instant responsibility, instant self-organization 36. Ability to rapidly bring out and publish results and experiences 37. No brand 38. Scaling is super easy! 39. WHAT'S IN THIS FORYOU?image: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 40. How will the future pan out? 41. Maybe weve taken the wrong learning from the success ofavant-garde 21st century companiesimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 42. Maybe old (and big) dogs cannot learn new tricksimage: Image is public domain. 43. Maybe we just need more new dogs instead.image: CC BYND2.0 by dakotawinters 44. THE SHIFT ISALREADYHAPPENINGBig companies need cutting-edge creative and knowledge workdone.They turn to the small companies that have new ways ofworking.image: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 45. YOUR FUTURE #1?Alternative to big companies?Networks of small #NoEmployees companies.image: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 46. YOUR FUTURE #2?Alternative way of helping corporations to enterprisetransformations?Offer stuff they cannot do as servicesimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl 47. THANK [email protected]:@evilbubuAntti:@anttikiimage: CC BYSA2.0 by Solarisgirl