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LocationFound off of the coast of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean Warm and humid climate with average rainfall

Culture The tribe is ran by the oldest woman, who is a healer, and is known as the Mahari.She is well respected and it is considered a sin to question the Mahari. Live in grass huts, and survive mostly off of fish, wild hogs, and the native fruits. Women are seen as the hierarchy in the Nekasa tribe.

Religion The Nekasa people are highly superstitious, and believe in an afterlife that exists in levels, with the women who served as the Mahari at the highest tear, and the other members of the tribe are beneath her.The lowest level consists of any tribe members who chose to defy the Mahari at any time in their life. It is believed that the Mahari answers to an all powerful spirit, known as the Taj. The Taj is depicted as a two headed snake, and once a year a 24 hour festival is held in his honor

The Nekasa people have never been contacted by the outside world, and so their influence for the few instruments that they have created are based off of the items that they have found from luggage that was washed ashore; the string of water that separates the Nekasa from the Philippines was heavily used by pirates.

Instruments 90% of the Nekasas instruments are membranophones. The only string instrument that the Nekasa use is a stringed and hollowed coconut shell with a bamboo neck.


Rituals and festivals play a large role in the Nekasas culture as a form of appreciation for the spirit world, Mahari, and Taj. Eccentric drum beats, chanting, and dancing are prominent during these rituals.

NekasaIt is widely argued whether or not the Nekasa should be contacted by the outside world. Some believe that it is our duty to bring them up to speed on newer technologies and medicine, while others think they have thrived on their own, and do not need any assistance.