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Photo Credit: Sad Have you ever had self- doubt?
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PowerPoint Presentation

Photo Credit: SadHave you ever had self-doubt?

Briefly summarize brand mantra of results and why they are important to client. On budget, on time and on point!

Photo Credit: Man with Cat: You probably have at some point.

Ive had my share and then some. Photo Credit: Sad Flower

Photo Credit: Jeremy Blanton

Photo Credit: Jeremy BlantonHey there, Im Jeremy Blanton.

Who Will Deliver these results? Me. Briefly introduce self

Im studying Digital Cinematography at Full Sail University. Photo Credit: Full Sail Sign

Im studying Digital Cinematography at Full Sail University.Photo Credit: FSU

Mention education experience: high school, community college and Full Sail

Ive always wandered in many directions. Photo Credit: Compass

Photo Credit: EarthWhere did I fit in the world?

Photo Credit: child with CameraAs a child I had an interest in photography but didnt take it seriously.

Talk about drawings as child, taking pictures

As a teenager,I dreamed of using my imagination to power my career. Photo Credit: Jeremy Blanton

I tried a career in live music.Photo Credit: Jeremy Blanton

Photo Credit: Mushrooms/After high school, I wasnt too interested in going to college. I worked in restaurants until 2014.

Talk about experiences in client service, satisfaction and realizing what you wanted to do.

Photo Credit: Dead EndBoth of these careers were dead ends for me.

I needed a career that could grow with me.Photo Credit: Jeremy Blanton

Photo Credit: Jeremy BlantonWhen my dad passed away in 2013, I finally chose the visual arts industry as my career.

Talk about visits to dads video studios at vet school, time spent playing with cameras and acting.

Photo Credit: Shutter

My focus then shifted to my true passion: capturing life on film.

Talk about continuing fathers legacy and films that inspired you.

Photo Credit: LibraryI dove into my craft and studied like mad.

Talk about studying filmmakers, techniques and concepts.

Photo Credit: Jeremy BlantonBecause of dedication, Im able to create images such as this one.

Explain why skills are important to your career.

Here is another example.Photo Credit: Jeremy Blanton

Photo Credit: Editing BoardI also have editing experience with Final Cut Pro and Premiere.

Talk about experience in Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere.

Photo Credit: Camera OperatorIm an expert camera operator.

Talk about knowledge of F-stops, ISO, shutter speed, white balance

Photo Credit: Computer notebook/Where would I fit in best?

Mention possible fields such as Media Coordinator, Video Producer, Editor.

Photo Credit: Collaboration/A group of diverse colleagues are vital.

Talk about how colleagues with a diverse background will lead to new perspectives.

Photo Credit: Camera Crew/Ill be surrounded with like-minded incredibly creative people.

Mention importance of a great working environment and how it leads to the best output.

Photo Credit: Jeremy BlantonOne person can do good.

The right team can produce amazing things. Photo Credit: Collaboration

Check out my portfolio the link below:

Photo Credit: Jeremy BlantonMy Portfolio

Photo Credit: Film Projector/Are you ready?

Encourage them to hire you!

Photo Credit: Thinking Man/

Dont hesitate!

Encourage them to decide

Photo Credit: Daring Crew/Lets get to work!

Close the sale!