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  • Specialized in Prototypes Making


    Contact: Sharon XiaCell: +86-018075124896 | Tel: +86-0755-23708312 | Fax: +86-0755-29810720

    Email: | Web:

    Add.: 2F, Bldg G, Jiangxia Science Park, Huangfengling Industrial Ave., Shiyan, Bao'an Dist., Shenzhen, China

    Plastic&Metal Prototype Manufacturer High Precision CNC Machining

    Injection Mold&OEM/ODM Manufacturer SLA/SLS/3D Printing

    Vacuum Casting (Silicone Mold ) Rapid Prototype

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making

    Welcome to Shenzhen Strongd Model Technology Co., Ltd!

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making

    Shenzhen Strongd Model Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional rapid prototyping company founded in 2011 in Shenzhen, China. The company combines conventional modelling methods with the latest cutting-edge technologies to provide prototypes making solution for every client. Strongd offer a variety of comprehensive services, including CNC, SLA, SLS and 3D printing. And we are professional in all kinds of metals and plastics rapid prototyping, such as low-volume production, heat forming, mold design, as well as high precision machining. We have close cooperation with many excellent companies in our industry, so our team of professional specialists can provide you with efficient and reliable technical service and support. After years of development, our clients are widely in many industries including medical, telecom,automotive, consumer, industrial and many other industries. They are mainly in China, the United States, Europe, East Africa and Southeast Asian. If you are looking for a rapid prototype , our company will be your partner to deliver what you want to build today! We do strive to help you take every good ideas to become prototypes.

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making

    Group Organization

    General Manager Office

    Financial Dept. Trading Dept. Manufacturing Dept. QC Dept. Transport Dept. Purchasing Dept.

    International Trading Dept.

    National Trading Dept.

    Hand-making Team CNC Team Programming Team

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making Materials

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making

    Bussiness Scope

    a. Prototypes made by CNC machines

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making

    Bussiness Scope

    b. Prototypes made by SLS/SLA/3D Printing

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making Bussiness Scope

    c. Vacuum casting ( silicone mold/ Reaction injection moulding RIM)

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making

    Bussiness Scope

    d. Injection mould

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making

    Machining Workship

    We have modern propotypes-making processing line, which consist of CNC machines, 3D printing machine and spray painting machine, equipped with advanced tool, high performance cutter and specified fixture. We specialize in making all sorts of prototypes to meet customers' needs.

    CNC Machines

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making

    Machining Workship

    3D Printing Machine

    Spray Painting Machine

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making

    Quality Contronl

    Due to our good quality and reputation, more and more customers found us for building a new business cooperation. We have confidence to be a best service and most professional prototype maker in the world.

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making Certification

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making


  • Specialized in Prototypes Making


  • Specialized in Prototypes Making


    Strongd is a fast going factory in China, since of our loyalty, good quality, high-end service, we believe only do civilized &honest business, we can build a good economic order, to win the continued cooperation and sustainable development. Strongd is expecting your inquriy and visiting at any time.


    a. Provide quotation within 48hours.

    b. Prepare the shipment ready for DHL/EMS within 1 working day after getting approval from clients.

    Quality Control

    a. Manufacturing review meeting-Work progress plan confirmed.

    b. Trail review meeting -Testing parameters & process confirmed.

    c. Summarization meeting after delivery- Improvement confirmed.

  • Specialized in Prototypes Making

    Thank you for your time!