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2015. 01Copyright 2015 ANDSOME & COMPANY All Rights Reserved.

Company profile#AgendaOverviewsVision & StrategyHistoryOrganizationService Line/SolutionWhy Andsome?Reference Sites

#OverviewsAndsome is Value Unlimited Andsome&Compnay constantly evolves into the professional organization with self-examination and, is growing into the specialized consulting company.Company Profile Company : Andsome&Compnay Co., Ltd.Address :

Established : 2002, DecemberCEO : KIM Soo-shinHomepage : : (+82)02-2167-3767 / (+82)02-2167-3760

Ace Hightechcity 1-1605, 55-20, Mullae-dong , Yeongdeungpo-gu 3-ga, Seoul, Korea (150-093)#Vision & Strategy To persist the brand-building and human resources excavation of specialized company through internal capacity building that is differentiated to a high level of education for employees in order to achieve a sustainable and reliable management outcome. As experts who ensure the competitiveness and active coping capacity in the market environment that changes with your diverse needs, and perform a variety of consulting experience

1. Establish a strong company

2. Professional passion

3. Company that is growing development together with customers Through close collaboration with professional teamwork and partners, customer growth and the company, can be effectively achieve personal development, and form a well live ANDSOME family together with customers"Andsome&Company", which has the vision of being a strong company with professional passion, is aimed at effective and reliable strategy for a work performed by the IT environment changes.#CompanyAndsome & CompanyCEOKIM Soo-shinAddressAce Hightechcity 1-1605, 55-20, Mullae-dong , Yeongdeungpo-gu 3-ga, Seoul, Korea (150-093)Established2002, DecemberEmployeesConsultant(22), Programmer(35), Manager(3)History 2002 Establish Andsome&Company 2003 Microsoft Solution Provider 2005 LG CNS specialized partner 2007 INNO-BIZ, establish a lab affiliated with company 2008 Alliance with FUSITSU co. & Digital Plus co. 2009 LG innotek ERP project 2013 Pantech VEGA service unified operation 2014 Ybtour(the 3rd biggest travel agency in Korea) consulting(PI/ISP)


Employees per year#OrganizationAndsome&Company, run the effective projects to professional business group that is suitable for a variety of IT Business run.

CEOPI/ERPGroup Business IntegrationGroupDatabase GroupConsulting& Solution Group

Oracle e-Business Suites Oracle JD Edward Information Strategy Planning Process Innovation IT Outsourcing Business Intelligence IFRS/FTA Business Process Management Enterprise Portal Mobile Solution ISP Consulting Data Architecture DB Performance Tuning Database Modeling DBA Data/DB Migration Construction/Finance Portal Solution E-Accounting SolutionDB Migration Solution(Swiss SQL)#Andsome&Company is the best IT consulting firm that is able to present a reasonable propulsion draft system implementation for business support companies.

Why Andsome?Construction and development of the experience is specialized by industryGlobal Solution construction and development experienceBuilding that has been codified and development methodologyOrganizational structure of the Total Solution-orientedSystematic support for the successful projectThe best choice for IT consulting partner#3. Main businessAndsome&Company is specialized, based on the industry-specific construction experience, it offers a Best Practice for the successful project.

PI/ERP Consulting Business Integration Consulting DB/Solution Consulting

Hitech/TelcoHeavy industrialChemical/InsuranceMedical/Financial


(/)(/)#Why Andsome? - Building a Global Solution and development experienceAndsome&Company is creating the best synergy in collaboration and cooperation and global consulting partner with global solutions vendor, we have held the construction example of companies that represent a variety of industries.


BusinessIntelligenceDatabaseTuningERPImplementationProcess InnovationITOutsourcing#SystemOpenIntegrationTestUnitTestPilotTestWhy Andsome? - Building that has been codified and development methodologyITPeopleProcessStrategyIT OutsourcingInformation Strategy Planning & Process InnovationAndsome&Company, based on the company Strategy, to organize the process, is stable through the methodology of the construction and operation of the system, will conduct a successful project.Master Plan & Process Innovation Implementation Methodology Knowledge TransferOverviewAnalysis of the planDesignTesting and developmentMigrationStabilization#Why Andsome? - Organizational structure of the Total Solution-orientedLowHighLowHighCostPerformanceAS-IS systemImprovement of utilizationExpand AS-IS systemIntroduction and stabilization of the new systemAndsome&Company, based on the overall diagnosis and experience on the basis of the budget scale of the project, we will contribute to the reduction and performance improvement of TCO through effective project implementation in organizational structure that presents a variety of solutions.

#Why Andsome? - Systematic support for the success of the projectAndsome&company for a successful customer projects, are committed to support and systematic support of construction know-how and industry expert consultants the previous project.\ SavingStandard ProjectTIMECustomerAS-ISCustomerTO-BECustomerTO-BETemplateProjectKnowHowIndustrial expertSystematic support


#Consulting Service LineAndsome&company is the best IT consulting firm that is able to present a reasonable propulsion draft system implementation for business support of companies

Business IntegrationGroup


Database Group

The analysis of the customer's needs and circumstances, implementation planning of optimal information and re-design of business processes TO-BE model, build a corporate warrior integrated information system, and then induces a change in the success and improvement competitiveness of enterprises. -Oracle ERP Implementation -Process Innovation/IT Assessment -IT Outsourcing

In response to the rapidly changing business environment, the experience that we have cultivated in rich consulting development project, to help so that you can develop as a company that customers industry-leading - Cost Based-based business model, component modeling, implementation, deployment, consulting for the entire testing process - Integrated Development of Pilot system level to verify the consulting and technical support capabilities - Efficient education and technical support for customers of stable system operation

Whole of Architecture and Database design project, development, and to diagnose the operation,Health Check, to support the execution of the success of the project through the prevention and potential elements derivation of various factors. Modeling, Migration , Performance Tuning ,DBA, ERP Technical Architecture DW/CRM- Application Performance Tuning

#Main business performanceNo.Project NameDescriptionProject PeriodProject OwnerIndustry1YBTourBuilding YBTours Integrated information system2014.12 ~ 2015.12AndsomeService2YBTourConsulted for the total travel agency management(PI/ISP)2014.09 ~ 2014.11AndsomeService3Korea Expressway CorporationSupported Korea Expressway Corporations DR system 2014.07 ~ 2014.09Comm Tech systemPublic4LIG Nex1Built LIG Nex1s next generation of ERP2014.05 ~ 2015.03LG CNSManufacture5Ministry of National DefenseMigration support for Mega Center project2014.04 ~ 2014.12LG CNSPublic 6Hyundai Mobile groupBuilt a new customer system2014.01 ~ 2014.07Core PlusManufacture7LIG NEX1LIG NEX1 Oracle ERP PI project(HR) 2013.11~2014.05LIG systeHigh Tech 8Korea Expressway CorporationMigration support for Korea Expressway Corporation IDC center2013.11~2014.04Comm Tech systemPublic 9National Health Insurance ServiceMigration support for Infrastructure reinforcement project2013.09~2013.11SSICPublic 10Hanseoh HospitalBuilt hospital total management system and consulting2013.04~2014.03Hanseoh HospitalHealth11PanTechPanTech B2C service management2013.04~2014.05PanTechHigh Tech 12Hyundai Mobile groupHyundai/KIA oversea manufactures MES Data Migration (oversea)2012.10~2012.12AutoEverHeavy 13LG InnotakBuilt LG Innotak GERP system2012.02~2013.01LGCNS Chemical 14ACE technologyBuilt MES system for Indian corporation(oversea)2010.04~2010.10BnE Co.Ltd.High Tech

#And do our best for your growth. Thank you.ANDSOME & COMPANYAce Hightechcity 1-1605, 55-20, Mullae-dong , Yeongdeungpo-gu 3-ga, Seoul, Korea (150-093)Contacts : (+82)02-2167-3767E-mail :