Huli Tribe

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Huli Tribe

ContentsIntroductionWho are the Huli peopleWhere the Huli people liveCostumes of the Huli peopleHuli peoples foodCulture of HuliLife style & behavior ReligionSome factors of the Huli peopleConclusion

IntroductionMale ancestor named Huli engage in agricultural activites. Largest ethnic groupPopulation 90000.Known as most fierce warriors and masterful hairstylistsInvolved in traveling only for trade

Who Are The Huli People

Where the Huli People Live

Costumes of Huli Tribe People

Traditional Clothing

Costume of "Sun Dance Competition

Ceremonial Clothes

Spirit Dance

Young Girls Dancing Costume

Huli Peoples Food :

YamsManiocA plant with a large starchy root and sometimes Meat from village raised pigsTree kangaroos and cuscus

Culture of Huli:The exquisite and intricately designed wigs Spiritual dances and performancesinitiation ceremonies.Gender discrimination

Lifestyles & BehaviorInhabit several villagesSequestered in the jungle at last 18 monthsTakes around six months for growing hair.The wigs are decorated with features.Fighting among themselves.The men live separate from women.Accustomed with tourists.Friendly with visitors.

Religion Huli people are AnimistsEverything has a soulInfluence of western region66% of huli people ChristianityVariety of beliefsSpecially Supernatural power

Some of these supernatural power is,DamaDininiTomia

Some factors about Huli people

Belief about their ancestorThey believe that they are all descendants from one ancestor calles Huli.

Chief System in Huli tribeIn Huli tribe they do not have any traditional chief

Is this tribe cannibal?

Sorcery and Huli tribe