GMBA Thesis Workshop Thesis Workshop Professor Chan-Jane Lin Director, GMBA Program November 25,...

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Transcript of GMBA Thesis Workshop Thesis Workshop Professor Chan-Jane Lin Director, GMBA Program November 25,...

GMBA Thesis Workshop

Professor Chan-Jane Lin Director, GMBA ProgramNovember 25, 2015

Find Your AdvisorYour advisor must be a full-time professor at the College of Management; if you choose an adjunct professor, then you must find a co-advisor who is a full-time professorIt is highly recommended that students find their advisors by as early as July 31st following their first year (The Advisor Agreement Form may be found on the GMBA website)You can find full-time faculty research fields from department website

Your thesis choice Business Plan Case Formal or Empirical-based Thesis

Business Plan-1Ideal for students interested in forming a plan towards a set of business goalsObjective is to convince potential investors that these business goals are attainableA full business plan is not expected (refer to the Thesis Guidebook for more details)

Business Plan-2Executive summaryBackground of enterpriseProducts and serviceMarket analysisMarketing planOperating procedureOrganization managementOperating planFinancial planAccounting and budgetInformation managementProject management teamExit strategyRisk management

CaseAddress business issues using a real company as an example.Usually includeMotivation and purposeLiterature review (optional)Company background and issues faced Case analysis based on theories and data or evidence gatheredRecommendations

Empirical-based Thesis Ideal for students interested in research topics that arent necessarily commercially viable.Usually includeIntroduction (motivations and purposes)Literature review and hypothesis developmentResearch design data and empirical models (need statistical background)Results and AnalysisConclusion

Thesis PreparationFor how long? Meet and discuss with your advisor on a regular basis.Follow standard formatting (refer to the Thesis Guidebook )Resources are available at the libraryDatabase (TEJ, CSMAR, COMPUSTAT, CRSP, DataStream)Electronic journalsprior thesis

Key successful factorsKeep close contact with your advisor and follow his/her adviceFind topic that motives and benefits you mostFocus on a specific topic or issue. Small is beautiful.Find good thesis examples as your benchmarkApply management knowledge and skillsTake advantage of resources at NTUBe patient and persistent. No pain no gain.

Graduation ApplicationAll credit requirements must be met (completed core courses & elective courses)You must submit hard copies of the following to the GMBA Office:Graduation Application Form Online Transcript Course Selection Results of the Current Semester (only if enrolled in classes during graduation semester)Credit Approval FormRefer to the GMBA website for all the forms

Oral Defense Time & VenueThe venue shall be at the NTU College of Management.Once a time is verified with your advisor, the conference room reservation may be made with the office (room bookings are based on availability).

Oral DefensePlease prepare the following documents (typed):The Thesis Oral Defense Pay-ListThesis Oral Defense Grade FormMaster Thesis CertificationMaster Thesis Oral Defense Committee Member List NTU College of Management Master Thesis Post-Evaluation FormPayment Information Form for the Committee Member from OUTSIDE NTU (if necessary)Please submit all documents to the GMBA office prior to the oral defense for verificationThesis oral defense payments are covered by the university


Important RemindersPlease read the Thesis Guidebook carefully from beginning to endAll forms may be found on the Global MBA website:

Detailed Steps

Decided Thesis or Business PlanFind your AdvisorSpring semester: January 31st Fall semester: July 31st Thesis/Business Plan preparationGraduation ApplicationSpring semester: April 30th Fall semester: December 1st Oral DefenseSpring semester: July 31st Fall semester: February 2nd Submission and Departure ProceduresSpring semester: July 31st Fall semester: February 2nd Graduation Application WithdrawSpring semester: July 31st Fall semester: February 2nd