From Soccer to Football. A Matter of Passion Among Latinos

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Fútbol has long reigned as the king of sports among Hispanics, but recent Nielsen´s research shows that many Latinos in the U.S. are warming to American football and the NFL. The 2012 NFL season attracted a record number of Hispanic viewers, and Super Bowl XLVII drew in nearly 10 million Latino viewer ages 12 and up. So how long will soccer keep its crown, or has the NFL already edged the beautiful game?

Transcript of From Soccer to Football. A Matter of Passion Among Latinos

  • 3Copyright 2013 The Nielsen CompanyHAS THE NFL EDGED OUT FTBOLAMONGST HISPANICS?To talk about sports among Latinos is to talk about the beautifulgame, or ftbol, or soccer or football (whichever you prefer). Ftbol isembedded in the Latino culture; after all, Latin America is the birthplacefor stars who are to soccer what Ruth, DiMaggio and Mantle are toAmericas pastime. Names like Maradona, Pel, and Messi stand out inthe minds of many throughout the world, not just Hispanics. And so, forcountless decades it was considered the king of sports for Latinos.Today, this sport still thrives in Hispanic communities; however, anothersport is winning the hearts of many Hispanics the NFL. Given thehigh rate of US Born Latinos, and the number of young Latinos underthe age of 30, its not surprising that football is starting to get a largeraudience. Marketers who can tap into this fast growing group aresetting themselves up for success. But there is much more to the story.Not all Hispanics are the same, and savvy marketers need to know thedifference.Last season, the NFL averaged a high number of Latino viewers, withSuper Bowl XLVII seen by almost 10 million Hispanics ages 12 and up,the largest Hispanic audience to date. With these impressive numbers,the big question is: Has the NFL edged out soccer as the king of sportsamongst Hispanics?On a macro level, the gap is wide for viewing between these two sports,but will unique idiosyncrasies develop as we decompose viewing andfocus on influencers such as language and country of origin.Read as: An average of 404,000 Hispanics 12+ tuned in to the Liga MX Apertura for the 2012404 55 292,6371,484LIGA MXAPERTURAMLS INTL SOCCER MEXICONATL GAMESNFL 2012AVG VIEWERS (000) A12+, 2012 SEASON
  • 4 FTBOL TO FOOTBALLRead as: 56% of the Hispanics ages 12+ that tuned into the NFL 2012 season were Hispanics that speak mostly or only English.THE POWER OFLANGUAGEViewing NFL games is driven by Hispanics that speak mostly or onlyEnglish, while an inverse relationship occurs with Mexico nationalgames, also known as El TRI. Here, the largest share of viewers isSpanish speaking Hispanics. Bilingual Hispanics watched the NFL, buta greater percentage tuned into Mexicos national soccer games, alsoknown as El Tri.Nielsen research shows that engagement of Spanish speaking Hispanicsto the NFL season may have been low, but how much of a bounce didthe Super Bowl in particular see from this audience? The majority ofHispanics that watched Super Bowl XLVII were still those that speakmostly or only English; the percent of Spanish speaking Hispanicsimproved slightly. Specifically, while 56 percent of Hispanics 12 and upwho tuned into the 2012 NFL season speak mostly English, 48 percentof these same viewers tuned into the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Spanishdominant speakers increased by 3 percentage points from the regularseason to the Super Bowl.Looking a little deeper, we evaluated viewing levels from Hispanicviewers throughout the NFL season.% DISTRIBUTION BY LANGUAGE FOR 2012, 12+ENGLISH DOM SPANISH DOM SPANISH/ENGLISH EQUAL56%15%29%NFL 20122%60%37%EI TRI
  • 5Copyright 2013 The Nielsen CompanyINCREMENTAL REACH % FOR NFL SEASONBY RACE / ETHNICITY & LANGUAGE, 12+Read as: 50% of Hispanics 12+ tuned into the regular season, with another 9.4% tuning into the playoffs.PLAYOFFSREGULAR SEASONHISPANICS - 9.4SPANISH DOM - 9.7EQUAL - 10.3ENGLISH DOM - 8.0BLACK - 6.4WHITE - 7.5ASIAN - 10.2HISPANICS - 50.2SPANISH DOM - 34.2EQUAL - 47.9EMNGLISH DOM - 73.7BLACK - 77.3WHITE - 72.9ASIAN - 59.6
  • 6 FTBOL TO FOOTBALLBreaking the analysis into two phases, regular season and playoffs, wefound that English speaking Hispanics had the highest reach during theregular season, confirming once more that Hispanics who speak Englishdominate Hispanic viewing of the NFL. Also, viewing increased fromSpanish speaking Hispanics once the playoffs began.When compared to ethnicity, English speaking Hispanics viewership wasas strong as non-Hispanics. In fact, only African Americans had a greateroverall reach.In addition to our prior analysis of viewing by language to El TRI games,we also examined a Mexico vs. USA game, which to ftbol aficionados,is as compelling as the Super Bowl.Mexico vs. USA games have similar language distribution trends as allTRI games, except that Hispanics that speak mostly or only English mayhave an increased interest in the USA vs. Mexico matches.HISPANIC 12+ AVERAGE VIEWERS &DISTRIBUTION BY LANGUAGEEL TRI GAMES 2012MEXICO VS. USA - GOLD CUP FINAL 2011Read as: El TRI games during 2012, averaged 3.4 million Hispanics ages 12+. 2% ofHispanics that tuned into EL TRI games spoke mostly or onlyEnglish DominantEnglish Dominant2%5%Spanish DominantSpanish Dominant60%63%Spanish/ English EqualSpanish/ English Equal37%32%Hispanic 12+Hispanic 12+3,3576,326
  • 7Copyright 2013 The Nielsen CompanyCOUNTRY OFORIGIN COUNTSSuccessful marketers understand there are common customs and habitsamongst Hispanics, but it is vital that they remain keenly aware of theirdiversity. Hispanics come from various regions with distinct culture andinterests. While some Latinos breathe and live ftbol, the intensity is notquite the same across all Latin American Countries. The following dataillustrates the role cultural diversity plays in sports viewing.EL TRI 2012 COPA AMERICANFL3. 3.612.88.412.02.31.2 1.72.8CARIBBEAN SOUTH AMERICA CENTRAL AMERICAMEXICORead as: Hispanics of Mexican descent had a 3.9 average rating during the NFL seasonAVERAGE RATING BY COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, L+SD
  • 8 FTBOL TO FOOTBALLNFL games are more likely to be watched by Hispanics of Mexican andCaribbean descent; while Mexican Americans tune into the NFL withsolid numbers, their average rating more than doubles when El TRIplays. With the exception of Caribbean Hispanics, ftbol tournamentsdraw huge Hispanic audiences; however engagement varies bytournament and is usually influenced by participation of country oforigin.The chart below illustrates the country of origin effect by comparing theCopa America, played in Argentina with all South American countries,vs. Gold Cup, played on US soil with US, Mexico & Central Americannations participating.Read as: Hispanics of Mexican origin averaged a 6.23 during the group phase of the Copa America, and a 4.16 during the knockout stage.VIEWING TO COPA AMERICA AND GOLD CUP BYCOUNTRY OF ORIGIN AVERAGE RATING L+SDCOPA AMERICA 2011GROUP PHASE KNOCKOUT STAGEGOLD CUP 20115.711.810.920.23.06.9CARIBBEANSOUTHCENTRALMEXICOCARIBBEANSOUTHCENTRALMEXICO6.24.28.815.411.
  • 9Copyright 2013 The Nielsen CompanyCopa America drew the largest number of viewers from Americanswith South American descent, but The Gold Cup was a different tale.Hispanics with South American descent tuned in the least, whileHispanics of Central American ancestries were the most engagedthrough the whole tournament.Mexican Americans tuned in to both tournaments, but at a higher rateduring the Gold Cup. The Mexican team did not qualify for the knockoutphase of the Copa America, but competed in the finale of the Gold Cup thus explaining the vast difference in viewing to the knockout phases.To complete the analysis, we compared each sports marquee event:the Super Bowl vs. the World Cup final:World Cup for combined telecast by Univision & ABCRead as: 37% of the Hispanics that speak mostly or only English tuned in to Super Bowl XLIV in 2010Language spoken and country of origin continue to be compellingfactors: Hispanics of South or Central America watched the SuperBowls, but preferred the World Cup finale, for its own. CaribbeanHispanics overwhelmingly prefer the Super Bowl, while MexicanAmericans viewing was almost identical to each. Language drives whatis watched, as well as where it is watched and for ftbol, Latino viewerssay: En espaol por favor.AUDIENCE COMPOSITION FOR A12+ BY LANGUAGE & COUNTRY OF ORIGINFOR THE SUPER BOWL & WORLD CUP OF 2010SPORTING EVENTENGLISHDOMSPANISHDOMSPANISH/ENGLISHHISPANIC MEXICAN CARIBBEANSOUTHAMERICANCENTRALAMERICANSuper Bowl XLIV 2010 37% 11% 17% 21% 19% 22% 27% 12%*World Cup 2010 4% 15% 11% 11% 11% 6% 17% 16%World Cup 2010 UNI 3% 29% 20% 19% 20% 9% 27% 31%World Cup 2010 ABC 5% 1% 3% 3% 2% 3% 8% 2%Super Bowl XLVII 2013 38% 12% 23% 25% 22% 27% 23% 19%
  • 10 FTBOL TO FOOTBALLFTBOL, REMAINSCULTURALLYRELEVANTThe key question is whether football had replaced ftbol as the kingof sports among Hispanics. If at first blush it seems as if the NFL hassuccessfully courted the lucrative Hispanic market, capitalizing onEnglish speaking Hispanics, the NFL still has opportunities with theSpanish speaking or bilingual Latinos. As this group acculturates, weexpect they will watch more American football.Ftbol has a similar relationship with Spanish speaking and bilingualHispanics, but the affinity for the sport is strongest with national teamplay. A national game featuring Mexico is one of the hottest sportsproperties, considering 73 percent of Mexican Americans speak mostlySpanish or are bilingual, these games are a sure bet to draw hugeaudiences, thus emphasizing the combined influence of lan