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Facebook keeps your facebook search history for future reference. Next time whenever you search, facebook use the history to produce the result. You could see this facebook history and if you wish you could delete those also. But we generally recommend not to delete history because that may bring little problem in giving you more relevant result you are looking for. The presentation is made in Quatumpcsupport’s https://www.quantumpcsupport.com own workshop. You are invited to give your valuable opinion and share if you are satisfied.

Transcript of Facebook: View and Delete Search History

  • Facebook: View or Delete Search History This presentation will show you how to VIEW or DELETE your facebook search history. Now this is your choice you want to just view history or delete history in facebook. Go through the presentation carefully.
  • Click this down arrow or a Gear Button then Click Activity Log
  • Alternate Method: You could go to accounts timeline page and Click Activity Log button.
  • From Activity Log list click MORE
  • From the extended list click Search
  • Look your all search history by date
  • Go Right side of every search history, Click the Circle and then Click Remove to delete history
  • Click Clear Searches to Delete Whole Search History
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