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1. FabKura, Tokuniuno and Myself 2. TOKUNO, Hirokazu 6th year as software engineer 18 years in semiconductor manufacturing technologies at Japan, U.K. and U.S Community Civic Tech, Open Data, Code for Aizu, Fab 3. Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima About 200km from Tokyo 2222km from Taipei 4. Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima About 200km from Tokyo 2222km from Taipei 100km from Nuclear Power Plant 5. Beach at Fukushima 35km south from nuclear power plant 21-Jul-2014 It's safe! 6. FabKura() Traditional storehouse, used to safely store valuable commodities. (Wiki) 7. FabKura Substrate and Board used for seminar shall be developed by ourselves Local production for local hardware consumption 8. Activities at FabKura Making Original Arduino Making Robot Car RoboFish WorldCup Building 3D Printer Making Vacuum Tube Amplifier 9. Tokunuino, Arduino compatible Unable to plug due to wrong direction... 10. Tokunuino, Rev. 1 Correct direction 11. Tokunuino, Rev. 2 USB to power remove all non mandatory components 12. First Web of Things Pressure Sensor with LAN 13. Possible Future Works ZigBee with sensor, no wiring required Post data periodically to Web BigData Analytics Port to TI Connected Launchpad TI Sensor Tag 14. Aizu Parade Who is he/she? How non-Japanese knows? 15. iBeacon!! Synchronize with Parade Text to Speech to Keep Eye on Parade 16. Other Works with Open Data Single code, any cities Fire Hydrant MapBus Stop and Route 17. Thank you!