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Transcript of Energy growth program workshop

Energy workshop

Energy workshop28.2.2017

OHJELMAKasvuohjelmauudistus tehostaa vientiBiotalous- ja cleantech-ohjelmien yhdistmisen hydyt yrityksellesiMiten saamme bisnest maailmalla?AmerikkaAasia ja Lhi-itEurooppaMiten olemme hytyneet kasvuohjelmasta vuonna 2016? Yritykset kertovatAlle vuodessa bisnest uudella kohdemarkkinalla Case VietnamUutta liiketoimintaa digitalisaatiosta ja T&K&I-toiminnastaDigitalisaatiolyks Energia -ohjelma (Tekes ja Finpro)Kiertvt typajatAmerikkaEurooppaAasiaRahoitusklinikka Tekes, Finnfund, FinnveraMit seuraavaksi?

3/16/2017 Finpro2


Growth Programs3/16/2017 Finpro3Business for the CompaniesGrowth Programs (group of companies)Advisory & Company-based ActivitiesSelected segmentsSelected markets for long-term activitiesCommited companiesFinpro Advisory & Global Network & Team FinlandBusiness OpportunitiesConsultantsAll the Finnish Companies

Energy Program Offering3/16/2017 Finpro4

Energy Program Offering3/16/2017 Finpro5

Ariterm Oy, Aurelia Turbines Oy, BioGTS Oy, BMH Technology Oy, Citec Oy Ab, Cross Wrap Oy, Doranova Oy, Ductor Oy, DustComb Oy, Ecomond Oy, Eera Waste Refining Oy, Efirec Oy, Ekokem Oyj, Enviroburners Oy, Envor Group Oy, Exportin Oy, Farmi Forest Oy, Ferroplan Oy, Finrenes Oy, Honkajoki Oy, Indufor Oy, Inmec Instruments, International Cleantech Ventures Finland Oy, Joensuun Tiedepuisto Oy, KPA Unicon Oy, LHM Hakkuri Oy, MHG Systems Oy, Mikkelin kehitysyhti Miksei Oy, Molok Oy, Nocart Oy, Nordautomation Oy, Outotec Oyj, Protacon Group Oy, Raumaster Oy, Saalasti Oy, Siirtoruuvi Oy, Simosol Oy, Solomon Oy, ST1 Biofuels Oy, SWECO Industry Oy, Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy, Valmet Technologies Oy, Watrec Oy, Wiltrain Oy, F-Consult Oy

45 Member Companies=

WHATS IN IT FOR ME?Market studiesCarried out in over 25 countriesGlobal biz opps; www.marketopportunities.fiSupport in the target marketsProject identificationPartner identificationIdentifying local, global and regional financingGrowth programs own B2Bs in the target marketsAdditional B2B meetings to official delegationsOffering packagesTraining e.g. financingVisibilityFinnish offering package support

Commitment fee: 1000/sme company/a, 2000 /large company/a + case-related costs (stand, local transportation etc. minor costs). Companies take care of their own travelling and accommodation costs. Registration:

3/16/2017 Finpro6

3/16/2017 Finpro7


ACTION PLANSAmericasAsia and Middle EastEurope

3/16/2017 Finpro8

How to get business in AmericaChile (forest & food industry residues, MSW, smart grid)Business scan with priority project list Q1/2017Analyzing attractiveness with companies + initial visit planning (Skype 21.3.2017)Desalination tender (Jussi)Fact finding trip by the program Q2/2017Visit to Chile with companies Q3/2017Mexico (MSW, ww sludge, smart grid)Continuation of activities with local consultant (project identification, business development)Renewable energy & smart grid market study by Eera (Jussi)Colombia (MSW, off-grid applications, smart forestry, smart grid) Market study with priority project list 25.1.2017Fact finding trip by the program Q2/2017Visit to Colombia with companies Q3/2017Argentina (wind)Wind energy business opportunity (Jussi)Canada (small scale biomass to heat, MSW)Visit to Ontario with companies in January 2017 (Fact finding+ partner search)Training of trainers program coordinated by LUKE and Karelia applied universityBusiness scan with priority project list in Alberta/QuebecShow how tour in Finland in June 2017

3/16/2017 Finpro9


How to get business in ChinaWhat is Flex Energy Project?

Flex Energy is a Finnish-Chinese energy collaboration where Finnish companies will showcase their expertise in Smart Grid, Grid Flexibility and Energy Efficiency areas and will implement projects together with Chinese counterparties with the help of Chinese authorizes and municipalities

Flex Energy Project in China is divided into 3 areas:

Grid FlexibilityDemand side optimizationDistrict Heating and District Cooling solutions to back up non thermal renewable energy generation increase

3/16/2017 Finpro10












PingdingshanWuhanNanchangGuangzhouLine2: Khorgas Guangzhou30 billion m3 yearly

FuzhouLine3: Khorgas Fuzhou30 billion m3 yearly

HangzhouTaizhouRussianLine1: Lunnan Shanghai12 billion m3 yearlyWest-to-East gas pipelinesXuanchengChangji

Xinjiang Anhui1100KV66 billion KWh yearlyWest-to-East UHV line (Ultra High Voltage)

Zhundong New Energy base7.7GW (Wind5.2 Solar2.5) planned

Hami New Energy base10+ GW planned

Jiuquan New Energy base9.8GW (Wind7 Solar2.8) planned

Zhongwei New Energy baseAbout 10GW plannedFor gas pipelinesCompletedUnder constructionFor UHV line and New energy baseAll are under construction

Map of West-to-East Gas Pipelines and new Ultra High Voltage line-project

How to get business in AsiaIran (MSW, landfill gas, energy efficiency)Official visit of MoE of Iran to Finland with the most relevant energy companies (March 2017)Project pipeline identification with local consultant (business developmet)Working group meetings (W2E, Energy Balance) as part of MoU between Finland and IranVietnam (MSW, agro and forest industry residues, mart grid) Growth program own visit (13-17.3) to start MSW related projects with MOSTPIF application first deadline 1.4.2017EEP Mekong funding + FinnfundEvents+ other visibility in Q3-Q4India (renewables, smart grid, biomass, led)10BEUR rural area electrification 45BEUR smart gridsMOU activationSmart grid week 7-9 March, energy minister GoyalDebute minister vist AprilIndia week AprilB2B roadshow autumnIndonesia (smart grid and bio)Project identification and business development by local expertBusiness delegation June (Lintil)UAE and Africa

3/16/2017 Finpro12

How to get business in EuropeBalkan (smart forestry, woody biomass, MSW)Follow-up of project pipeline identified during GP visit in October 2016Visit with companies in Q2/Q3 (B2B meetings, exhibition, visibility)Turkey (smart grid)Ministerial visit from Turkey to Finland, March 16th, 2017 enroll now!Smart grid B2B meetings, site visits, etc. Association of Distribution System Operators (ELDER) Finnish company as guest speaker in their workshops and webinarsFinnish companies to participate in workshops on R&D 1-2 times a year (distribution companies, universities, funding companies, regulators)

3/16/2017 Finpro13

Activities in EuropeTarget

To facilitate international sales for the participating companies by

Searching for concrete business opportunities and leads in the marketsIdentifying the right contacts from the target markets


organizing B2B events in the markets in order to enable right client and stakeholder contacts and provide visibility for Finnish expertise.3/16/2017 Finpro14


Activities in EuropeThematic FocusSmart, high performance buildingsSmart and innovative building systems and building control solutions (HVAC, lighting, water / sewage and building automation)Smart and innovative building structure and building material solutions

Geographic FocusNordics, Germany, Austria, and PolandOther markets, if there are verified business opportunities and company interest

Types of ActivitiesOpportunity-Based Market ActivitiesGeneral trade fair participations and B2B visits3/16/2017 Finpro15


Opportunity-Based Market Activities in Q23/16/2017 Finpro16Polands large construction market goes smart and offers big opportunities to Finnish companiesStockholm Royal Seaport offers opportunities for Finnish Smart Building Companies April (week 17)Matchmaking Seminar in Finnish Embassy, StockholmMay (week 21)Fact-finding and Meet-the-Buyer Visit to Warzaw

Other Upcoming Market Activities in Europe3/16/2017 Finpro17Fact-finding + B2B meetings: High-Performance Buildings in Germany (Q3 / Q4)

Trade Fairs: European Utility Week (October 3-5), AmsterdamBuilding Green (November 1-2), CopenhagenSmart City Expo (November 14-16), Barcelona

Seminar: UK District Energy Delivering the Opportunities Event (May 23) by invitation only

Entering new market; Case Vietnam 03/2016-03/20173/16/2017 Finpro18

Benefit for the companies: Companies stories

Matkan aikana saatiin useita konkreettisia projekteja tystettvksi sek yksi konkreettinen tarjouspyynt. Muutamassa yrityksess psimme tapaamaan aivan yrityksen korkeinta johtoa mik ei ollut onnistunut omin voimin aiemmin. Juha-Pekka Jalkanen (Valmet), Meksikon vienninedistmismatkasta

Olemme tehneet useita vuosia yhteistyt Finpron Meksikon vientikeskuksen kanssa ja olemme erittin tyytyvisi tyn laatuun ja jrjestettyihin tapaamisiin. Finpron kontaktit Meksikossa ovat todella erinomaisia ja auttavat kaltaistamme pk-yrityst kasvamaan haastavalla markkinalla. Kalle Kivel (Crosswrap), Meksikon vienninedistmismatkasta

Finnish and Vietnamese governments have been involved in the project. Doranova-Biwase co-operation project is financed with concessional credits. Saalasti gives credits also to Waste-to-Energy and bioenergy growth program (W2EB). The Team Finland growth program, managed by Finpro, produces market surveys, arranges fact-finding and delegation trips and buyer meetings, delivers materials of Finnish joint offering, arranges trainings and seminars, and in overall helps to get visibility and save time and expenses. Mikko Saalasti