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DUS I received him when he was eight weeks old born ~ 18.4.1994 And died 9.9.2009 .An a amazing ,beautiful cutHe didn’t climb and didn't steal food ,he was well taken care of and very loved .

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Dus was so special. We would talk to each other. I'd meow and him would meow back at me.

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He was calm gave love and was part of family.

We miss him a lot..

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He fell a sleep every were and in

any condition

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He likes to get into drawers suitcases and bags

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He was a fluffy blue Persian and had the most loving nature

about him. He'd follow me everywhere, sleep

in my bed and since ...

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He was a part of my life and I miss him

very much. Every thing reminds me of him and his


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He didn’t like dogs very much but he did like

“bamaba”(snack) fish and us

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Goodbye my love, adieu my friendWe have to face the endThis kiss, it makes me cry

But I must say goodbye

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In his last days ,hi was very sad. He looked into my eyes as if he asked me for help , he suffered a lot.

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