Diy PR - do it yourself Public Relations (PR) to get noticed

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DIY PR for your small business requires time and effort but to get results you need to start on a sound footing. That means having the answers to seven key questions - otherwise your do it yourself PR efforts could be wasted.

Transcript of Diy PR - do it yourself Public Relations (PR) to get noticed

  • Do it Yourself PR Want profile and exposure for your business but dont know where to start? Answer these seven key questions to get you started on the right track for doing your own PR Debbie Leven Copyright, Debbie Leven, 2014 1
  • 1. What do you want to achieve? Just saying to get sales is not good enough Be specific, make it measurable, put your dream into words write it down Copyright, Debbie Leven, 2014 2
  • 2. Who do you want to target? Define the people you want to get noticed by Profile them Get inside their heads Copyright, Debbie Leven, 2014 3
  • 3. What do your target audiences think, feel, believe about you now? How can you prove what you say? What further research is needed to back up your claims? Do views differ between audiences? Copyright, Debbie Leven, 2014 4
  • 4. What do you want your target audiences to think, feel believe about you in the future? Define how you want to be seen and perceived That dictates the messages you use in your PR Copyright, Debbie Leven, 2014 5
  • 5. Where do your target audiences go for information, tools and resources? TV and radio programmes National, regional and local press and media Trade and special interest magazines, publications, websites and blogs Membership newsletters Social media Copyright, Debbie Leven, 2014 6
  • 6. What makes you different from competitors? Use as few words as possible Back it up with proof Copyright, Debbie Leven, 2014 7
  • 7. How does your product/service benefit customers? Human interest and benefits are what journalists are interested in Capturing those will be core for your PR Copyright, Debbie Leven, 2014 8
  • Next steps Do your research Write your plan Get creative Put your PR calendar of activity together Get busy Copyright, Debbie Leven, 2014 9
  • Outline example of a PR Calendar Activity Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Press releases Commenting on the back of other stories Systems in place to source stories Feature article placement Guest blog opportunities Information guide Events/ meetings Speaker opportunities Exhibitions Blog on website Website Materials leaflet, annual review, hard copy newsletter E-communication e-newsletter Branded items Monitoring coverage, keywords, stories, competitors Social media Stunts Copyright, Debbie Leven, 2014 10
  • Need help with your PR? Call me now on: 01923 606223 Or email me on: [email protected] To discover the one PR tactic that generated 15,000 of business for a client, sign up at: Copyright, Debbie Leven, 2014 11