Data Rules

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Data Rules by Pravit Chattalada, ATCI

Transcript of Data Rules

  • 1. Data RulesThe Association of Thai ICT IndustryPravit ChattaladaSeptember 2014

2. The World without Data use 3. Man lives and prospers by DataContentsBig Data ContextualInformationDataHardwareSoftware 4. IT & Data GenerationNumericalData CruncherData ManipulatorData ControlsTomorrow belongs those who has right information 5. The Data ExplosionDigitizationMiniaturization 90% World Datain past 2 years Artificial Intelligence Networking AnalyticsTimeSpeed of Events DisruptiveInnovations StrongerPredictive Power ShapingNew Generation 6. Amplification of IS InteractionExponential data flow and interactions 7. The Exponential Growth WorldDisruptive innovations always bring unintendedconsequencesSize of Problem is proportional to the Exponential curveInformation & Connectedness obsolete solution as partsSpeed and Risk taking make new ProgressPower belongs to those who connect and embraceinformation 8. Systemic Solution Relationships, Correlations, Connectedness Linked processes rather than reforming structure Assuring cohesive move of all parts Capturing patterns of system rather than contents Looking for context 9. Thailands IT Development ProblemGovernment thinking and actions not caught upwith Exponential ChangesLack of Speed and Sense of UrgencyManagement &LeadershipTransformativeuse of IT 10. The Drawbacks of Linear Legacy Honoring Seniority & Position We Know Best Layers of Committees Advisor Fatigue Effect Stay safe Successes blind Alternatives 11. Bridging PP Digital Disparity Make Government Digital to catch up withPrivate sector Revise and legislate laws to accelerate digitalTransformation Appoint national CIO for national Digital transformation Adopt Open Data policyNew Gen SeniorPrivatize government IT agenciesAdvisor Inverted government IT management Assignment 12. Open DataAccessible public data thatpeople, businesses,organizations can make use foranalysis of patterns, trends andmaking decisionsNew Opportunities 13. There Are Better Ways Everydaywith Right Information 14. Knowledge is PowerFrancis Bacon (1561-1626)) 15. Discussion