Costa Rica Real Estate in Las Villas de San Buenas

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General information about Las Villas de San Buenas real estate development. It is located in the Southern Pacific zone (Osa) of Costa Rica, just a few minutes south of Ojochal and 10 minutes north of Palmar Norte.

Transcript of Costa Rica Real Estate in Las Villas de San Buenas

Village San Buenas

Jun 2014

Authentic. Costa Rica. Living. 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Benefits of Costa Rica Home Buying

Fully titled property

Title insurance available

Safe country

Great people

Natural, healthy food

Great Weather

Affordable healthcare

Pura vida lifestyle 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

The Development Team

Nick Halverson: President

International business experience: Australia, New Zealand & Costa Rica

9+ years of Costa Rica real estate experience

Investor in two projects in Osa

Education: Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) & Indiana University (MBA)

Duane Halverson: Chairman of the Board

Former Chief Operating Officer Land OLakes, Inc.

Board member: SAVE (non-profit).

Worlds largest suicide prevention organization

Board member: Iowa State Alumni Association

Hanz Cruz: Project Manager

Former Vice Mayor of San Isidro del General (pop. 250,000)

Oversees all permits, construction and government relations

Masters degree & Bi-lingual 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Costa Rica is easy to visit with two international airports 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Costa Rica Overview

Population: 4.7 million

Capital: San Jose (3.3 million)

Area: 19,700 miles2

Languages: Spanish, English

Friendly very well educated people

95% literacy rates


Currency: Costa Rican Colon

US$/credit cards are widely accepted

Major Industries: Computer chips, tourism, coffee 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Costa Rica

Fully titled property

Water is safe to drink

Incredible wildlife and fauna (5% of worlds wildlife)

Affordable healthcare and dental care

Beaches, jungles, mountains

Not susceptible to hurricanes

Affordable living allows you to relax & enjoy life 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

The Costa Rican Government is a Democracy

Democracy since 1889

No military for 60 years

President Luis Solis (current)

Former President Laura Chinchilla 2010 2014

First female president of Costa Rica

Former President Oscar Arias 2006-2010

Won the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize

Development owner Nick Halverson with President Arias 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Located in Beautiful Osa Region of Costa Rica

Las Villas de San Buenas is near to:





Fishing 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Easy to Arrive at Las Villas de San Buenas

Perfectly paved highway driving

3 hour drive from San Jose (SJO) International Airport

1 hour drive from Quepos/Manuel Antonio

15 minutes from Palmar Sur regional airport 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Las Villas de San Buenas is in the South Pacific Region of Costa Rica

(Osa Peninsula) 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Las Villas de San Buenas

150 acres

Lots of all sizes starting at $19,900

Financing available ($5,000 down, 5% annual interest, 5 years)

Ocean view, Creek front, mountain views

15 acre+ of protected jungle on property

Parks, Kids parks, Green zones, Walking trails

Easy access! Only 1 mile from the Costanera Highway. No 4x4 needed (unusual in Costa Rica) 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Las Villas de San Buenas: Join our Community!

Who are we? bankers, educators, healthcare workers, Olympians, CEOs, farmers 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Residential Mountain Views: 40 acres 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Residential Mountain Views: 40 acres

Lots from 410m2 - 2,472m2

4,411 ft2 26,600 ft2 (over acre)

Easy access with mountain views

Walking paths

Community center

Tennis court

Swimming pool

9 Parks/green zones

4 parks for children

24 hour security

Price: $45/sq meter

Condominium law ($100/mo dues)

Walk to Catholic Church, school, town 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Homes to Fit YOUR Budget

Home Option from $75,000

Mountain view lot

620 sq ft one bedroom house

Designed for expansion (add a

bedroom in the future)

Turn-key construction

Add a pool: $15,000

Two bedroom with two bath + private pool

Two bedroom with three bath + private pool 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Estate Lots: Phase I



Ocean view lots

Wooded lots

Golf course views

Elevation varies from 75ft - 600ft

Prices start at $49,500 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Ocean View Lot

Discounted to $109,500

Very private

Backs up to private jungle on property

Views down the Pacific coast, sunsets, golf course 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Turn-key Construction

Choose a home design (adjust to fit your needs)

Cost ~$86/sq ft High-end finishes (granite, etc): $96/sq ft

Swimming Pool: ~$15,000

Weekly photos/recaps

Time: 6 months for most homes

Weekly photos/recaps

We manage all permits, contracts,insurance and administrative


We provide options & recommendations

Furniture options

Property Management Services available 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

We work with you to ensure your home fits your needs and your budget!

From 3D models to finished product in 6 months 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Private Protected 15 Acre+ Jungle Onsite 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Waterfall Jungle Hike Onsite 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Guardhouse for Added Security 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

On-site Lodging Available in One of our Homes 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Fractional Ownership: Easy, Maintenance Free, Option


$10,000 purchase price

$500/year maintenance fee

2 weeks/year

One fixed week (December to May)

One flexible week (June and November)

2 bedrooms with a master suite

2 bathrooms

Private pool 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Medical Center: Less 3 miles away

80,000 square foot medical complex

24 hour emergency room (7 of 12 doctors

speak English)

24 hour pharmacy


General surgery





New & near to Las Villas de San Buenas 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

San Buenas Golf Resort is Next Door

Next nearest course: Los Suenos in Jaco (2 hours)

EXCLUSIVE Discounted memberships available 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Playa Ventanas is 10 min away (one of 5 beaches nearby) 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

National Parks (25% of Costa Ricas land is protected)

Photo: Ballena National Park/Uvita (15 minutes). Whales TailCorcovado National Park (boat access from Sierpe/15 min)

Manuel Antonio National Park/Quepos (1 hour) 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Activities Nearby 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Activities Nearby 612.819.8154 | [email protected]

Contact Us Today

Nick Halverson, CEO

[email protected] or +1.612.819.8154

Prices, Videos, Photos