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Continuous Learning Pvt. Ltd. is an HRD Solutions providing company founded by Kamal Dabawala. To know more about CLPL & Kamal Dabawala you can also visit

Transcript of Continuous Learning Pvt. Ltd. - A Profile of HRD Solutions Providing Company

  • Continuous Learning Pvt. Ltd. An HRD Solutions Providing Company A Profile
  • About Continuous Learning Pvt. Ltd. CLPL is an HRD Solutions providing company founded by Kamal Dabawala after having a vast experience as an independent Training & Development Consultant for more than a decade. Company is registered under ROC of Ministry of Corporate Affairs; Government of India. Established in year 2010. - A fast growing company. - In short span, recognized as a registered HRD Consultant for many Public Limited companies.
  • Vision, Mission & Values CLPL Vision: To be a leading global company providing HRD solutions. CLPL Mission: To be a CATALYST, by providing opportunities to help people realize their true potential, enhance knowledge, develop skills and redesign attitude to bring positive change resulting in overall growth of an Individual, Organization and Society in general. CLPL Values: Demonstrate INTEGRITY forever. Execute COMMITMENT unconditionally.
  • Philosophy, Culture & Quality Policy CLPL Philosophy: We believe that Learning is a CONTINUOUS process and we will continuously LEARN and UPGRADE ourselves to be able to help others. We also believe that we can only help people to Improve. Our persistent efforts will bring positive & long lasting behavioural change. CLPL Culture: Establishing, accepting & following SYSTEMS to bring results. Be HUMBLE but CONFIDENT. CLPL Quality Policy: Our foremost focus will be RETURN ON INVESTMENT of all stakeholders. Internal and external customers DELIGHT in all transactions.
  • CLPL Logo Conveys The series of Growing Human figure symbolizes: Growth We need to Learn, Share & Grow continuously. The Spiral shape symbolizes: Continuity The entire existence is continuous and so is Learning. We are Lively till we keep on Learning. The Rainbow Colours in human figures symbolizes: Transformation A rainbow appears when a White ray of Light passes through the water droplets. In the similar way all human beings are like White ray of Light but when they pass through a Training experience multi talented personality is unleashed bringing Transformation. The 18 human figures symbolizes: Holistic Development There are 18 chapters in the Bhagavad Gita, in the Mahabharata. Each chapter is designated as a separate yoga starting from "Arjuna Vishada Yoga" to MokshaSanyasa Yoga. Similarly journey of Training is from Developing Skills to Understanding the Purpose of Life & Existence.
  • About the Founder Kamal Dabawala A Change Agent by passion and Training and Development Consultant by profession. He loves to Design, Develop and Deliver training to groups of people belonging to different profession and working at different levels. Known for his innovative style of training he enjoys being instrumental in bringing change in peoples life since more than a decade. He has conducted more than 1500 training programs influencing life of more than 50,000 people across 7 countries of the world. Being an authentic mountaineer, he also conducts outbound programs (OBT). To serve as a CATALYST is the prime mission of Kamal Dabawala.
  • Life Member of Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD) Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) Youth Hostels Association of India (YHAI) Junior Chamber International (JCI)
  • International Training Fellow He was certified by the Junior Chamber International on 23rd January 2011 as International Training Fellow (ITF). The certification as ITF is the highest recognition bestowed by JCI Training, USA to a very select group of members from over 120 countries. Achieving ITF level certification is a mark of distinction and personal and professional excellence in adult learning. Kamal is one of the only eight ITFs of JCI India. Attended & conducted training courses at International Events: 2008 JCI World Congress, India 2010 JCI ASPAC, Singapore 2010 JCI World Congress, Osaka, Japan
  • CLPL Specialize in Training and Development HR Services Soft Skills Training Outward Bound Training (OBT)
  • HR Services Organizational Scanning HR Audit HR Policy Manuals KRAs & Performance Appraisals System Development & Implementation Employee Engagement Activities
  • Training and Development Training Needs Training Needs Identification Identification Induction & Orientation Induction & Orientation Programs Programs Design, Develop & Deliver Design, Develop & Deliver Training Programs Training Programs Personal Counselling for Personal Counselling for Effectiveness of Training Effectiveness of Training
  • Core Competencies Need based customized programs. Programs based on Learning by Doing principle. Follow up Programs & Personal Counseling Sessions for Learning Implementation & Effectiveness. Focus on ROI. Value for money.
  • Training Programs Excellence through Winning Edge (Developing Positive Attitude) Be a Beloved Boss (Leadership & Managerial Skills) Excelling Through Effective Communication Synergize to Succeed (Team Building & Team Work) Looking Beyond Limits (Creativity & Problem Solving) Just Relax (Conflict & Stress Management) Beyond Expectations (Interpersonal Relations) Managing Self (Grooming, Manners, Etiquettes)
  • Training Programs Effectiveness through Time Management Motivation & Influencing Others Power of Passion Mind Power Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Project Planning and Meeting Management The Fourth Dimension Learning from Films and Legends
  • Learn-N-Fun Moments
  • Learn-N-Fun Moments
  • Outward Bound Training (OBT) Explore is an innovative attempt to Make Trekking more than just Fun, Adventure and Thrill. Explore is designed to Create a lifetime experience by learning Life Skills. Explore is focused to Help you to be a better individual in your life. X Factor is all about. Being with nature and explore your true self realize your true potential. Overcoming your fears and discovering that.Adventure is not outside man; it is within. Finding Challenges in the Situations of Threat. Breaking imaginary boundaries and developing self confidence. Learning life lessons of Leadership, Team work, & facing difficult situations.
  • Outward Bound Training (OBT) Benefits: Developing basic qualities like: Self Confidence Positive Thinking and right Attitude Courage & taking Risks Commitment and Discipline Taking decisions and being responsible Participants learn basic skills like: Effective Communication Setting and achieving goals Leadership & Working with Team Location: OBT is conducted in natural environment. Activities: Trekking, Night Trekking, Cave Crossing, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, River Crossing Tiger Leap, Zip Line, Commando Bridge, Tent Pitching, Camp Fire
  • Learn-N-Fun Moments
  • Corporate Clients Infrastructure Infrastructure Ceramic Ceramic Architects Architects Machine Manufacturers Machine Manufacturers Textile Textile
  • Corporate Clients Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Consultants Consultants Others Others Power Power Communication & Communication & Entertainment Entertainment BPO BPO
  • Professional & Educational Organizations Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) Baroda Management Association (BMA) Gujarat Energy Training & Research Institute (GETRI) Water & Land Management Institute (WALMI) Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration (SPIPA) Water & Soil Management Organization (WASMO) Indian Postal Services (India Post) National Agriculture Bank of Rural Development (NABARD)
  • Overseas Clients Maldives Maldives Bandos Island Resorts & Spa, Bandos Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation, Male Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Expo Lanka Group of Companies, Colombo Minto International Sheffield International, Kandy Bangladesh Bangladesh Future Leaders, Dhaka Trust Alliance, Dhaka Prothom alo-jobs, Dhaka The Daily Star, Dhaka The Epyllion Group, Dhaka Aarong, Dhaka
  • Associate: Ratna Desai (Senior Consultant) Ratna is Simple, Creative and Versatile but passionate about bringing change in peoples life. She designs & delivers trainings for people from different fields that helps them to reach higher standards in personal & professional life.