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Community Management thoughts while I'm working

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  • 1. Community Management Thoughts while Im working

2. Its not about monitoring 3. Its about been part of the community 4. express talk announce respond win ask complain and complain. A community likes to 5. express talk announce respond win ask Not complaining but responding on time to it. A brand should behave in the same way 6. A brand must have a personality thats how it can behave naturally Exchanging pretending for being. 7. Transparency Brands opportunity to talk frankly, to receive critics and to talk face to face with the customers. People are looking for: Immediate response, quick service Solutions to their needs Brands that dont hide or ignore their comments (Friends wouldnt do it, why would a brand) 8. Solidarity People like to RT. Its a simple and easy way to be solidary with others. They help others to find a prompt solution. Warning! Complains become easily virals. 9. Topics Olympics are gone. Not many people comment about #energy2012 What happened to all those moments people kept sharing from the Olympics? How to gather them? Website #energy2012? putting all the data together? Users can visualize it? Data is like energy, it has to keep moving, enhancing the 10. Paralympics People are looking forward to the next games. How we can generate expectations; online activities; welcoming the athletes; sharing content about it; photos or videos? 11. What would you do with a full stadium? If spectators are waiting, brands can do more than a banner. 12. Fin.