Career Investigation Purpose of this course: To guide students through the career decision-making...

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download Career Investigation Purpose of this course: To guide students through the career decision-making process - conducting a thorough self-appraisal; investigating

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Transcript of Career Investigation Purpose of this course: To guide students through the career decision-making...

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  • Career Investigation Purpose of this course: To guide students through the career decision-making process - conducting a thorough self-appraisal; investigating the many career opportunities available to them; and, finally, formulating a tentative career and educational/training plan.
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  • A Working Attitude Chapter objectives Define the terms listed under new career terms. State reasons why people work. Give reasons why a positive attitude is important. Describe how school courses and schoolwork can affect a persons career and life.
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  • New Career Terms Work Job Occupation Career Goal Attitude Self-concept
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  • What Is Work ? Work is a hard word to define. One standard dictionary takes over thirty lines to define it. Most of the definitions refer to useful, productive activity, and the labor by which a person earns a living.
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  • Why Do People Work? You might think that the only reason people work is to earn money. Its true that people work for money. They need money to buy necessities such as food, water, and shelter. They want money so that they can buy luxuries such as televisions, compact disc players, and vacation trips to faraway places.
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  • Why People Work Cont They also work for money so that they can be independent and make their own choices about how and where they will live. People work to gain an identity. Identity is the way we see ourselves in our minds and the way we think others see us.
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  • Why People Work Cont People work to feel good about themselves. People also take pride in what they do. They like the feeling that comes with doing things well. They enjoy using their skills and talents and also enjoy working hard to improve those skills.
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  • Why People Work Cont People work to be useful. By working, people feel that they are doing their share. They may work to take care of themselves or their families, or they may work to help others in the community. People work to be with others. Most people like to spend time with others. They dont like being alone for long periods. Work gives them a chance to be with, and talk to people.
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  • You may not be rewarded every time you do a good job. But you should be proud of whatever you do.
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  • A Job or a Career? When you work for a living, you might say that you work at either a job or a career. A job and a career are not, however, the same thing. A job is a group of tasks that you agree to perform for an employer. You make an agreement with the employer when you accept a job. You agree to be responsible for work that is important in the employers business.
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  • A Job or a Career? Cont. Another word you need to learn is occupation. This word is often used in place of the word job. An occupation is actually a group of jobs involving similar tasks. For example, working in different grocery stores as a stock clerk.
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  • A Job or a Career? Cont. A career is the work you will do over a period of years. You will probably have lots of different jobs. You will probably also work in many different occupations. You can think of your career as the total of all the jobs and occupations you will ever have.
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  • Careers
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  • A career does not have to last for an entire work life. Many people have three or four careers. A career does not have to be with just one employer. Many people keep the same career but change their place of employment. Some people do not bother to plan a career. They go from one type of job to something completely different. However, the happiest and most successful workers are those who do plan.
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  • The Advantages of Making a Career Plan Are Listed Below: You can plan ahead and have some control over your life. Each job you hold will give you experience you can use for the next job in your career. The amount of money you earn will increase faster because you will not have to start at the bottom with each new job. Your growing experience and skill will be worth more money to your new employer.
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  • The Advantages of Making a Career Plan Are Listed Below: You will be able to look back on your life and see yourself moving each day toward what you want.
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  • Goals A goal is something that you want to obtain and that you work to achieve. A goal is the big picture of things you would like to accomplish in your lifetime.
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  • Goals: Cont. You might dream of a workshop with tools to work on televisions, videocassette records (VCRs ), or cars. You might dream about solving mysteries, understanding scientific things, or acquiring the knowledge to solve some of the worlds problems.
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  • Goals: Cont. You might dream of creating new things using science and technology, finding new ways to do things, or adding beauty to the world with art, writing, or music. You might dream of serving others, teaching people better ways to do things, and helping them solve their problems.
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  • Goals: Cont. You might dream of owning your own business, going into politics, or being a good leader for people. You might dream of having a secure and comfortable life, avoiding the rapid changes of society, and keeping to the good ways of the past.
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  • Your Attitude Your attitude is your basic outlook on life. It is your own personal way of looking at the world around you and all the people in it. Perhaps the most important factor in your job success will be your attitude toward work. Your self-concept is the way you see yourself and your feelings about your own worth and value. People who have a high regard for themselves have good self-esteem.
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  • Your attitude: cont. Many people believe in the work ethic. These people believe that work is good. They believe that all people should work, and work hard. Their attitude toward work is that work is something we are all supposed to do and that it is good for us. Other people see work as a necessary evil and do only the minimum. For some reason these people do not see the positive side of work that other do.
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  • Positive and Negative Attitudes: Attitudes are often classified into two general types--positive and negative. People with positive attitudes usually look forward to what they do. They are usually cheerful, and energetic, see the bright side of things, and treat other people well. People with negative attitudes usually complain a lot. They seem angry much of the time and see the bad side of most things. They dont get along very well with most people.
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  • Your attitude and Your Success How well you do in your job will depend to a large degree on your attitude. Your attitude will affect the way you get along with your boss and with other people with whom you work. If you have a negative attitude, others will act negatively toward you. If you have a positive attitude, they will act positively toward you.
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  • Your attitude and Your Success: Cont. One of the main reasons workers lose their jobs is that they have a negative attitude and cannot get along well with others. Remember that even though your attitude is positive, you may have to work with people who have negative attitudes. Keep your attitude positive, and chances are these people will start being positive, at least while they are around you. Positive attitudes are contagious.
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  • Your attitude and Your Success: Cont. If you have a positive attitude, you are already on your way to a successful career. If your attitude is negative, you can change it. The younger you are and the harder you work at it, the easier it will be.
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  • Your attitude and Your Success: Cont. You will make new friends with interest like yours. You will accomplish things you can be proud of. You will be making money to spend on things you like. You will grow as an individual and learn new skills. You can even have a lot of fun while you work. Start off with the right attitude. Think positively about work.
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  • Positive Attitude Negative Attitude I smile easily I dont complain very often. I listen to other peoples opinions. I am willing to change for the better. I will admit it if Im wrong. I seldom make excuses I seldom criticize other people I am considerate of other people. I am responsible for my own mistakes. I think a job can be interesting and fun. I am willing to try new things. I like most people. I seldom smile. I complain a lot. I am always right I dont want to change anything. I blame others for mistakes. I make excuses I criticize other people. I think only of myself. I cant be held responsible for my own mistakes. I dont like work. I dont want to try new things. I dont like most people