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Buildright Conference 2014

Transcript of BuildRight 2014

  • Online Marketing for Offline Sales Mike Russell - John Durso - Dan DelMain
  • Audience Website Social Media
  • Who is your audience? Whose attention do you want? o Whose attention dont you want? Why bother? o Leverages your marketing. Insufficient: People who need buildings. o Specificity = success
  • WhoDo Who Do Decision Makers Resource Holders Obstacles/Friction Supporters
  • Read their minds. In relation to your business, what does each of your audiences: Think? Feel? Say? Hear?
  • Audience Website Social Media
  • Crosshatch Creative Great, you know your audience! Now what?
  • What is the purpose of your site? To look pretty To provide extensive info about your company To facilitate sales To capture leads
  • Understanding Conversions A conversion is when an anonymous visitor offers their information, becoming an identified lead. Examples: Blog/newsletter subscription Follow on social media Whitepaper download On-site inquiry form submission*
  • Why focus on conversion? Helps reinforce or correct audience understanding Effectively lowers the cost of advertising, permanently
  • 3 Critical Elements 1. Design 2. Browsability 3. Prominent CTAs (calls-to-action)
  • Site Audits
  • DIY Site Audit 1. Compare your design with that of your competitors 2. Go through each page and ask, Is it clear what the visitor should do next? 3. Give 5 people who have never visited your site a task to complete, then ask about their experience
  • Audience Website Social Media
  • Social Media for the Build Industry
  • Major Road Blocks of Social Media source:
  • What are the Goals of Social Media? source:
  • Facebook 1) number of likes vs talking about you (higher ratio = greater reach) 2) 70 / 30 Rule (community vs. me) 3) posting frequency & times of day (stick to a schedule)
  • Facebook: Bonus use Facebook Insights to learn whats working / what isnt
  • LinkedIn 1) build a professional network (referral partners - search HBA) 2) establish yourself as an industry expert (on personal level) 3) recruitment tool (candidates are more transparent)
  • LinkedIn: Bonus use LinkedIn Showcase pages to show off various products and services
  • Houzz 1) user demographics (affluent customer base) 2) search engine hybrid (hint of SEO) 3) brand reputation (user reviews)
  • Houzz: Bonus turn an ideabook into a blog post for Search Engine Optimization benefits
  • Full Circle Make marketing decisions based on what you know about your audience. Build a site that compels your target audience to engage. Social Networks to pay attention to. How will you grow your brand?
  • Thanks! Dan Delmain - [email protected] John Durso - [email protected] Mike Russell - [email protected] download slides at: