Building A Segmentation Strategy & Communicating With Buyer Profiles In Relevant Ways

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Transcript of Building A Segmentation Strategy & Communicating With Buyer Profiles In Relevant Ways


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Building a Segmentation Strategy & Communicating with Buyer Profiles

Ruth P. Stevens






What is a customer segment? A group with similar wants and needs.

Dis$nct from other segments (dierent segments have dierent needs)

Homogeneous within the segment (common needs)

Responds similarly to market s>mulus Stable enough to market to Ac$onable. Can be reached by communica>ons and distribu>on channels

Substan$al enough to be protable



Why segment? Ecient use of limited resources.

Choose the most protable groups to target Develop eec>ve marke>ng strategies.

Speak to customer needs in a relevant way Monitor success and re-segment as needed.

Con>nuous improvement


The segmenta>on process 1. Iden>fying segments within the target

audience. 2. Selec>ng target segments. 3. Crea>ng product mix and communica>ons

mix for each target segment. Posi$oning products to serve the segment Proling segment to develop impacNul messaging



Segmenta>on variables for B-to-B from Bonoma, Shapiro, How to Segment Industrial Markets, HBR

Demographics industry, company size, customer loca>on

Opera>ng variables company technology, product/brand use status, customer capabili>es

Purchasing approaches purchasing func>on, buyer-seller rela>onships, purchasing policies, purchasing criteria

Situa>onal factors urgency of order, product applica>on, size of order

Buyers personal characteris>cs character, approach


Dening your target customers for prospec>ng

Characterize your target, by key variables:

Industry Company size Job >tle/func>on Other (but make sure its ac#onable).

April 26, 2012 6


Understand the needs of your target Sources of insight: Talk to sales people and customer service sta Primary research

Online Focus groups or one-on-one interviews Surveys

Advisory board

April 26, 2012 7

NEEDS: Examples Solve a problem Gain recogni>on Save >me, money Increase produc>vity


Create personas Persona: A c>onal character represen>ng a target segment. Aka prole.

Useful in cracing relevant messaging and mo>va>onal oers.

April 26, 2012 8

Meet Joe. He's owner and CEO of a growing, mid-sized stock brokerage company. Joe is a gregarious guy, married, with two children. His wife works, so theres always more to get done in the day than they can handle. Joe wears a suit to the oce, but is actually more comfortable in casual clothes. He drives a roomy 4-door. In the downturn, his company took quite a hit, so hes looking for ways to get back on track and run the business more eciently, using technology.


Tech inuencer persona

April 26, 2012 9

Meet Stan. He's database administrator at a large manufacturing company in suburban Illinois. Stan is single, and lives in a rental apartment with his two dogs. On weekends, he favors day hiking and watching his favorite sports teams on Internet television. Hes a gadget-lover, and early adopter of consumer electronics. He never wears a suit to the oce. He drives a late-model SUV. Stan appreciates how people in his company are always asking him for tech advice. His company understands the value of technology in gaining a compe##ve manufacturing edge.


Talking their language

Tech buyer Easy to install. No downtime. End-users wont complain. I can look like a hero. Spend less.

Business buyer

Easy to use. Will save us time and money. Help me get the job done. I can look smart. Sell more.


Example: Relevant messaging Tech buyer Business buyer


Strategic applica>ons of content by marke>ng objec>ve

1. Thought leadership 2. Lead genera>on 3. Rela>onship management

#B2BContentEvent Case study in thought leadership

Maddock Douglas in conversa>on


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#B2BContentEvent Case study in lead genera>on Box targets mid-market business managers


Case study in rela>onship management

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Results: 18% overall trac Open rate + 300% CTR +600%


Thank you

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Buyers rely on content more than ever

Source: Eccolo Media 2011 B2B Technology Collateral Survey

Very or extremely inuen>al over nal purchase decision.