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    Ningguo HuaFeng wear resistant material Co.,LTD, locating in Ningguo industrial

    development area, Anhui province. Specializes in researching developing and producting

    wear-resisting cast balls and barscast steel parts.

    Due to the cooperation with Anhui University of Technology Anhui wear-resisting material

    quality supervision and inspection center Hefei kaier nano technology application Co.,

    LTD,and other universities and companies, HuaFeng developed highly sophisticated

    wear-resistant material, by using nano-technology instead of traditional industries. In addition,

    HuaFeng employs Yongmao Yao, a well-known expert, as our chief engineer , who is

    responsible for planningmanufacturingexpansion and brand impacting.

    HuaFeng possesses the ability of producting 50 thousand tons of wear-resisting cast

    balls and bars and 3 thousand tons of high-performance cast steel parts and hammer head.

    Equipped with top-level inspection equipment in Provincial Laboratory full -automatic ball

    casting production lineunique fully-automatic isothermal quenching oil continuous cooling plus

    heat air isothermal heat treatment production linemedium frequency melting furnace, etc,

    HuaFeng guarantees the quality of production.

    Carbidic Austempered Ductile Iron grinding ball, developed by HuaFeng, has been

    identified as new product by Anhui economic and information commission. Also, it has been

    rated as "high-tech product" by Anhui science and technology department and "oil quenching

    plus heat isothermal transformation processing" as new heat treatment technology and

    equipment has passed the certification of Anhui science and technology department . On

    account of its energy saving, consumption reduction, environmental protection and production

    increase, the product has been approved by many domestic large-scale minings.

    HuaFeng has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001

    environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety

    management system certification.


    Ning Huafeng ,one kind of HuaFengs production, is identified as " Anhui famous brand" by

    " Anhui famous brand strategy and promoting committee" and Anhui technical

    supervision bureau.

    Automatic Media Casting Line With high technology content and high automation capability, the automatic producing line worked out by ourselves has effective control by computers on the whole process (from molds moving to twisting and to opening, closing, sand-shooting and temperature adjusting), which greatly reduces the arbitrary operation existing in traditional labor and lessens the extent of workers labor. The most important aspect lies in the improvement on products quality, enhance appearance quality of grinding media, reduction of production costs and increase of enterprises output.


    Media separation equipments The product-partition machine and product-selection machine are equipped with mechanical grinding balls, With the use of such two machines, not only powder pollution and sand-wheel consumption have been out of trace, and also safety accidents have been cut off. At the same time, vibration-handling will be applied in the process of products partition, which promotes the improved quality. Reduce the breakage rate of grinding media.

    Internationally advanced heat treatment process We have developed scientific quenching equipment, which applies oil and air quenching technology and can control the temperature at any time in the course of quenching with far-infrared gear pyrometer. For different specifications of products, the perfect match of different heat treatment, temperature and time are selected to quench to obtain the inner structure of the castings we definitely need.

    Strict QC System

    The quality is assured in the whole supply chain by a strict QC Network supported by: (1) Reliable Suppliers, Logistics Providers, Sales Agents and Distributors, who are evaluated, selected, qualified,

    graded and well managed in accordance with relevant Evaluation and Approval Standards, (2) A Skilled QC Team including qualified Inspectors and experienced TS Engineers, who are trained and qualified

    in theory and ability, (3) Strict QC Criteria and Regulations featured by defects back-tracing, which are well known by and applicable to

    whole staff, especially QC personnel and workers, (4) Periodic Training and Operation Skills Evaluation on workers, whose daily work are in strict compliance with

    Operation Instructions, (5) Different Production Process for different material and property requirements, (6) Automatic Production Facilities, which are fully computer-controlled, flexible enough to meet different needs

    and requirements, and checked, maintained and renewed periodically, (7) An Active Production Supervision System, which provides daily interactive production supervision, (8) Various Test and Inspection Equipments, which are daily used to make continuous tests, inspections and

    analysis on different materials received, products in every process and defects occasionally occurred in production and application (see below the QC Equipments List), preventing defects occurrence in each stage,

    (9) An Experienced Commercial Team, good at international commerce and technology, know different custom and culture, follow up the application status,


    We are conscious that high quality comes from strict control and scientific management, such a QC Network enables the whole supply chain running under control so as to guarantee the quality to meet users needs and requirements in a long term.

    QC Equipments List

    Stage of Manufacturing Type of Test QC Equipment

    Vision Screen Classifier, Mass Spectrograph Materials Purchasing

    Chemical Composition Carbon-Sulfur Analyzer Computer System

    Thermocouple Thermometer

    Liquid Steel Temperature Melting and Casting Optical Pyrometer

    Casting Temperature Far Infrared Ray Pyrometer

    Chemical Composition FSQ Direct Reading Spectrum Instrument

    Quenching Temperature Computer System

    Tempering Temperature PC Machine Heat Treatment

    Holding Time Heat Controller Hardness Rockwell Hardness Tester Breakage Hammering Tester (for balls 50-30 mm) and Dropping Tester (for bigger balls )

    Properties Test Wear Rate Wear Tester Resilience Impact Tester Microstructure Computerized Microstructure Analyzer

    Quality documents delivered to customer / user a. Quality Assurance Certificate (domestic market) b. Analysis Reports (overseas market)




    ISO9001 quality management

    system certification

    ISO14001 environmental management system certification


    As mentioned elsewhere in this Response, HuaFeng is the manufacturer and supplier of Cast balls in China, among the users to whom we have supplied, Cement companies share 20%, Mining companies share 650% approx., and the balance 15% come from other industries. Hereby below we give several samples to further illustra te our experience: Cement Industries: Anhui Conch cement Group.: The biggest cement group in China, we are the supplier for decades,

    Stone lion cement Huzhou Plant: We contacted in 2009, started supply in 2010 under Frame Supply Agreement, Mining Industries: SINO GRINDING INDUSTRIES PTY. LTD, AUSTRILIA: We supplied 720 MT in June,2014 through agent, Cr15 Cast Grinding Balls, Sizes 60 and 80 mm; We supplied 3,850 MT in 2015 through agent, Cr12/Cr15/Cr24 Cast Grinding Balls, Sizes 25, 50, 60 and 80 mm, Zijin Mining Group Compay Ltd.:(1) In early 2004, we supplied 140 marked balls 50 mm Cr 10-15% for breakage comparison test with the same

    sample balls of another supplier, (2) In July 2005, we supplied 204 MT for wear comparison test (industrial trial), and became their supply partner

    after the test finished, (3) In March 2006, the initial formal PO was released for an annual delivery quantity of 3,240 MT,

    nd(4) In January 2007, the 2 formal PO was released for an annual delivery quantity of 4,758 MT, (5) From 2008 to today, we received PO quantity of about 6,000MT every year Shanxi Mingtuo Chromium mine.: (1) It contacted us through an agent by email in Nov. 2011, told us that the grinding media supplied by an Shandong

    manufacturer went broken in application in their Ball Mill Dia. 6.5 mm, hoping to try our product, (2) In February 2012, we supplied 105 MT for breakage and wear test, no breakage or deformation occurred after

    their industrial trial, and we became their supply partner, (3) In May 2013, the initial formal PO was released for a delivery quantity of 840 MT Size 110 mm Austemitic

    Ductile Cast Iron Grinding Ball, (4) In Oct. 2013, our delegation visited their mines to learn the application status, their comments and needs, (5) On Dec. 20th 2014, the PO in a delivery quantity of 1360 MT for first six months 2015 was released.

    Type of TestQuality documents delivered to customer / user