AP Lit and Comp with Ms. Teref Course Overview (as students enter, shake their hands and introduce...

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Transcript of AP Lit and Comp with Ms. Teref Course Overview (as students enter, shake their hands and introduce...

AP Lit and Comp with Ms. Teref

AP Lit and Comp with Ms. TerefCourse Overview

(as students enter, shake their hands and introduce myself)DAY 1:What will your verse be?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_zsMwCOoEs (louder, no subtitles)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS1esgRV4Rc (not as loud, has subtitles)DAY 1:What will your verse be?What could be another word for verse?(voice, music/melody that rises from the pages of your writing college essay ,AP essays, cover letters)

Activity on next slide! (until 9 am and 12:58 pm)

DAY 1:Activity: Listen to your own verse

(15 minutes?)1. Quietly go out in the hallway w/ a pen and notebook.Youll see posters hanging on the lockers with passages2. read each passage quietly and record your impressions in short hand; (Im not collecting this): Look for what speaks to you; listen for your own music; drown out the others music.3. Select the one piece of music that speaks to you, and you only. Drown out peer pressure. (5 minutes) 4. Stand in front of the poster you chose. Talk to one or two peers who have selected the same one and SHARE your reasons and LISTEN to their reasons for choosing that piece. Record in shorthand the most interesting and unique reason from your peers.

DAY 1:Activity: Listen to your own verse (cont)(15 min)Report out on your findings whose verse captured your attention? Why? PRACTICE S.O.L.A.R.!!!

How does this relate to your college essay, job interviews, AP Lit writing, any writing, you, to life?7 MIN. BEFORE THE BELL: intro + Benito Cereno (today or tomorrow), calendar, textbook pick-up (Razor and Sula)Day 2: Show the calendarCollect Benito Cereno paperPass out the syllabus (at home, in 15 min.,read the syllabus, alternating between skimming and close-reading, AND annotate for tomorrow for our Q&A.Textbook pick-up: Razor and SulaThis PPTDay 2: On a sheet of paper:Your name:What should I call you?Your verse:Are you a Scholar? Yes or NoFavorite movies:Favorite bands/artists/music:What should I know about you to be a good teacher to you? Be specific.Desired college major? Why?Did you take AP Lang? What score? Feelings about the exam.

DAY 2: Ms. Teref: CV (Curriculum Vitae)-not my verse MA in Applied Linguistics, UIC, PhD candidate at Georgetown (cautionary tale about UCLA vs. Ivy League schools)Taught at UIC, Columbia CC, CCC, RHS, Von SteubenScholarly Work: AP Lit reader/judge, Past President of TESOL, presented internationally, nationally (NCTE in Nov, 2014) research paper on exigent writing, grant writing (multiple essays- much like college essays), advocating for changes to NCLB on Capitol Hill, published a book of poetry translations: http://www.hostpublications.com/books/assembly.htmlFaculty Advisor for Ricochet Review, poetry magazine out of Von: http://ricochetreview.wix.com/mainpageRicochet Review: do you write poetry? Do you want to schmooze and network with established poets?Do you want to include publishing credits in your college essay?Hobbies (Whats my verse?):

Travel and POV: England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece,Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, St. Lucia, Aruba, Holland, Belgium probably elsewhereGuess what country this is (whats my verse?)Gardening, make-up, music (metal: goth, doom, funeral, industrial), Scandinavian crime mysteries

Why should you care?Why do you think I wanted to tell you about myself? (read people/situations from many POVs not just my own; understand, find the alcoves within yourself where you can understand, and not react, lose your cool but understand the human condition)Lifetime detective: what makes people tick? Literature is excellent practice for understanding break-ups, jealousy, hatred, greed, love, sex, dysfunction, abuse, poverty, riches, spirituality, materialism in other words the HUMAN CONDITION.- When you read, you dont feel alone. Cmon, dont tell me there arent some topics that youd rather die than discuss with your friends, or God forbid, parents that you need to read about in order to understand and learn more about. Reading people/situations vs. projecting oneself (aka identifying w/people)Whats the difference?Which is more effective? Why?How do you know when one is identifying with/projecting oneself vs. reading people/situations (dont judge and defend but REVEAL, REVEAL to yourself, and if need be, others )What canonical works are we reading this year? all grown-up lit The Razors Edge by Somerset Maughamlife is a razor, and I walked the line of that silver blade (Iron Maiden The Evil That Men Do, AC/DC album)


Setting: Chicago and Paris, post World War 1 -1920s

Themes: PTSD, love, vengeance, spirituality vs. materialism, asceticism vs. hedonism, social commentary (ex. Dark Knight Rises)

S. Maugham, EnglishSula by Toni MorrisonSetting: Ohio, post World War I, 1920sThemes: friendship, betrayal, cheating, racism, PTSD, social commentary

T. Morrison, American Nobel Prize WinnerThe Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde(our 19th cent.Victorian/Gothic requirement)

Oscar Wilde, Irish

Themes: decadence, hedonism vs. asceticism , narcissism, drugs, lots of drugs opium, mostly.Hamlet by the BardThemes: suicide, regicide, deicide, fratricide, Oedipus Complex, incest, hating ones cheating parents, bloodbath, love, religion

Hamlet and his babysitter, YorrickThe Trial by Franz KafkaOur world-lit requirement)German-speaking/writing Jewish Bohemian (now Czech Republic)


Themes: red tape (mindless bureaucracy), guilt, dystopia, totalitarianism, elastic justice, sex, sexism, sexual objectfication

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest by Ken Kesey (our modern US lit requirement)

K. Kesey, US (orderly at a mental hospital)

Themes: mental illness, emasculation, Oedipus Complex, rape, sex, sexism, racismHow does AP Lit translate into your college essay?Exigence the urgency/desire to convince your audience, show that you care either about your own future or about a character in a novel or about a poem you want to split yourself open and write about what hurts, what is uncomfortable while maintaining your intellectual integrity, humility, autonomy and create a story around it.Flannery OConnor: Every child who has survived his/her childhood has a story to tell. You do, too. And not just about yourself. Ex. grant money + 6 essays cf. Gates Millennium =9 essays)How does AP Lit translate into your college essay?There is only one YOU. Find who you are and always have a recognizable voice, whether writing a college essay, a party invite, an essay in AP lit. Write from the gut, find you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnAyr0kWRGE Dead Poets Society (save this for College Essay dont play today)

If you dont think you have a voice well help you unshackle it, unleash it its there, but buried underneath a ton of peer pressure, family pressure, boyfriend/girlfriend pressure, traumaDo you want to be in the black or in the red? Who and where are you as a student and as a person regarding your education?Exigence vs. indifferenceurgency vs. dead seaactive vs. passiveinteresting vs. boringprestigious school vs. overly expensive for profit school no one has heard ofDevil Wears Prada (analysis example) + how an 8 or a 9 thinks OR how a motivated, inspired student thinks:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LVptO7o4L8- On the AP essay scale (9 points): whos a 3 and whos a 9 in this scene. Why?

You think this has nothing to do with you? why take AP Lit? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmayC2AdkNw Excrement! Rip it out! Dead Poets SocietyA GPA boost being graded on a 6-pt. scaleSaving money by testing out of college coursesCollege readinessEven if a college of your choice doesnt accept AP credit, AP is a hallmark/brand, and colleges want to see that you are ambitiousBuild confidence even if your choice of college may not accept AP credit, if you get a 3, 4, or 5, you KNOW that you have all of the intellectual traits needed to succeed. You know that you know how to think and write and that knowledge, once internalized within you, will give you a huge confidence boost.AP Lit Exam Breakdown:Multiple Choice= 45% = 1 hour, 55 questionsPreparation? In class + extra credit opportunities before school + Saturdays

ESSAY PORTION= 55%, 3 essays, 2 hours Essay Question 1: 1 or 2 poems, previously unseen- Preparation: From January till the exam in May, active preparation no worries- my students always do well on poetry, unlike the rest of the Universe.

Why take AP Lit?U of C visit: test scores, GPA, progression in taking challenging classes, what if you had a bad year? TMI, Wheres Waldo? AP Lang vs. AP Lit : nonfiction vs. fiction,lit a bit harder, a 3 on AP Lang translates into a 2 or a 3 (if you possess exigence) on AP Lit. If you get a 5 on the AP Lit exam, know that you are Ivy League material. Period.Knowledge, powerful and seductive conversation peace all novels were reading are general education and pop cultural references.AP Lit Exam Breakdown:Essay Question 2: a previously unseen prose textPreparation: From October till the exam, in-class prepEssay Question 3: an essay on one of the novels well be reading this year.- Preparation: All year round: every novel we read will be a paper Ill help youll never be left hanging.

Volume 1 Spring 2013

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