Activists show support for Chen Guangcheng

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Transcript of Activists show support for Chen Guangcheng

  • A poster designed by Weibo user @calling on people to go to Dongshigu village in Linyi, Shandong province to visit Chen Guangcheng
  • A netizen mapped out the security guards locations and gave instructions to visitors.
  • Weibouser @ posted photos that document his bruises afterbeing beaten by the thugs who guard Chen Guangcheng. He posted the text information as a photo to avoid being deleted by online censors.
  • Writer and Weibo user Lu [email protected] posted photos on his Weibo account. He described his attempt to visit Chen on 10 October: "A grey Jetta with thenumber plate covered came ... They [the guards] did not say a word, they twisted my arms, pushed me down on the ground, hooded my head with my sweater, searched my body. They pulled me up and hooded my whole body in a plasticbag, and then put me in the vehicle ... They beat me with something like a leather belt on my thigh ... A lash follows a question."
  • Dissident artist Ai Weiwei and lawyer Teng Biao wear t-shirts in support of Chen
  • Dissident and activist HuJiawears a t-shirt and sunglasses in support of Chen
  • Weibouser @ and his friends in Lijiang, Yunnan province,protested against a team of officials from Chen Guanchengs districtwhile the officials were visiting Lijiang in mid October. The cardboard reads Free Guangcheng.
  • A group of Shanghai residents who signed a petition and protested in support of Chen. Their sign reads: "Free Guangcheng. Light and Sincerity.
  • On 14 October, a group of disabled people tried to visit Chen. Theywere driven away by the guards. Their sign reads: "China womens rights and disabled volunteers strongly demand to free Chen Guangcheng and his family."
  • A protest slogan calling on the masses to visit Chen was hung on the wall of the Shangdong provincial government offices in Beijing. The image was widelycirculated online. The protest slogan reads, The Linyi government in Shangdongprovince is persecuting blind Chen Guangcheng. Linyi government who creates ill fame of China, is a hooligan and a traitor.