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AbbeyPost is rethinking the $18B Plus Size fashion market with proprietary software and innovative manufacturing processes. We make clothes that fit. Every body.

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  • AbbeyPost [email protected] CLOTHING THAT FITS Every body.
  • AbbeyPost [email protected] Plus size women in the us 70M Apparel Spend Per Year $18BAmerican Women Wear plus sizes 60% Market Size
  • AbbeyPost [email protected] Really fit. Clothes that The Plus size fashion revolution Our Solution
  • AbbeyPost [email protected] 25% MOM GROWTH $120 Average Order 61% PROFIT MARGINS Happy Customers
  • AbbeyPost [email protected] 60%REPEAT PURCHASE WITHIN 30 DAYS Happy $300 Customers $120Average Order Second Order
  • AbbeyPost [email protected] Cynthia Lex ceo Our Team cTo VP cassaundra
  • AbbeyPost [email protected] The Opportunity
  • AbbeyPost [email protected] CLOTHING THAT FITS Every body. The Opportunity
  • AbbeyPost [email protected] CONnect with us [email protected]